Younique Mascara Holiday Gift

Younique Mascara is one of the best products that is designed to make your eye lashes looks absolutely stunning and magnificent. The high quality Younique lashes are designed with 3D fibre material that dramatically enhances and highlight your lashes. From the very first use only, you can feel and notice the drastic change and you’ll definitely wonder that why you never thought of trying the Younique Mascara before!


You can easily apply this amazing product anywhere. All you need to do is to follow easy and simple steps. First of all, you need to combine the natural fibers with the transplanting gel in order to create the impression of implausible volume and incredible thickness. This will make your lashes look extremely stunning. Now, you just need to do is wait and watch your lashes turning into something that you always wanted them to be. You must have read the Younique Mascara reviews stating that Younique Fiber (3D) Lashes are highly water resistant. Yes, this is absolutely right!

This product can easily handle your everyday wear. It is extremely easy to clean and wash off with the use of lukewarm water and a gentle face cleanser. In order to get the best result, one must apply a thin coat of their regular mascara and leave it, till it dries off. After it gets dry completely, one must apply the transplanting gel to their lashes and then the natural fibers, simultaneously.

The Main Ingredients of 3D Fiber Lashes are:

Ingredients used in Transplanting Gel – water, beeswax, palm glue, collagen, Iron Oxide Cl, acrylates copolymer, stearic acid, nylon, propylene glycol.

Ingredients used in Natural fibers – 100 per cent natural fibres are extracted from green tea.

Hence, Younique Mascara is an absolutely natural and high quality product made from organic elements that transforms your eyes into something that is always appreciated and admired without causing any side effects. It a complete product that every woman whether a house wife or a working woman must use. You can give your eyes a perfect and appealing look with the all new version of this amazing 3D product. One can even read the Younique Mascara Reviews that are easy available on the web in order to get the best idea about this product.

So, if you are fond of eye make-up and you always wish to look different and impressive, then here is the solution. No matter whatever the occasion is may be, this product can help you anytime, anywhere! This product will always work as a great addition to a woman’s makeup collection!