Younique 3d Fiber Lashes Will Add More Meaning To Your Eyes

Are you looking for different ways, which can enhance the beauty of your lovely eyes? Are you sick and tired of your old lame lashes, which are too small to notice? If the answers to these questions are yes, try and come in terms with the best-packaged products, under the field Younique 3d fiber lashes. These are artificial lashes, placed on top of the real one, with the help of unique natural gel based attachment. The best part is that the product is known for its natural look. It will not look artificial even after applying extra eyelashes, to enhance the beauty.


Easy way to put it on

The most prominent part is that Younique 3d fiber lashes are easy to wear, and it will not take much of your valuable time. Moreover, these lashes are easy to remove, when compared with normal mascara. The fibers will come off easily, without smudging like other mascaras. In case you are suffering from puny and small lashes, this product seems to be the most prominent option, available so far. Apart from getting longer lashes, you will even experience a thicker version, which will make your eyes look more beautiful. These are non-sticky in nature, making it a daily wear for all.

Other options on the cards

In case you are not quite in love with artificial lashes, try and opt for Younique mascara. This is manufactured using different types of harmless chemical components and some natural ingredients, too. Thus, you can easily apply it without fearing of loosing your real lashes. The best part is that the product is waterproof and smudge-proof, in nature. Thus, you can now put on the mascara and wash your face, without thinking about any dreadful result. The rich and dark black color will gel up well with the natural color of your lashes, giving a true meaning to your eyes.

Focusing towards the ingredients

As mentioned earlier, the Younique mascara is made using some of the best raw ingredients available. Some of those are water, collagen, palm Brazilian glue, natural Propolis, Acrylic Copolymer and Stearic acid. In order to add more richness to the product, Nylon 12 is used along with propylene emulsifier. These are some of the special ingredients, combined in perfect ratio, for a positive result. Collagen is a form of protein, which can help your real lashes to grow with extra volume and shine. These products are manufactured under strict guidance from professionals and using modern techniques.