Working Out for Wellness: Avoiding the Weight-Loss Mindset

Walk into any gym, and you’ll find people sweating up a storm in the name of weight loss. Everyone wants to look attractive, but feeling good should be the ultimate goal. Your health is more important than your pants size. Explore the exercises that improve your wellness with a side effect of weight loss. This mental change can evolve your workout.

Strengthening the Heart

Your heart works nonstop during your lifetime. There are no days off. With this fact in mind, support your cardiovascular system with running, jogging or walking. Raising your heart rate to a higher level and maintaining it there is the best way to strengthen your heart. It’s beating faster, which leads to controlled strain on the muscle. The body responds to the strain with tissue growth around the heart and blood vessels.

During subsequent workouts, the heart won’t work as hard as before. It gains more strength during consistent workouts. As a result, both your resting and working heart rates won’t be as high as they were before.

Encouraging Bone Growth

Don’t be intimidated by the weight-lifting area at the gym. Lifting weights about twice a week is a great way to boost your metabolism and gain more muscle. Choose lightweight dumbbells and perform extra repetitions for lean muscle without the bulk.

A side effect to the weights is bone health. The strain on the muscles also travels to the bones. Your body recognizes this fact, which causes it to create more tissue at the bone level. As you grow older, bone loss is always a concern. Maintain the bones and muscles for a stronger body into your senior years.

Enhancing Your Posture

Don’t forget to perform those back exercises on gym machines or by lifting weights. Another great way to strengthen dozens of muscles at once is by performing squats. The squat form consists of a straight back upon standing, but then you squat down with your weight on the heels. Hold the pose, and stand back up.

This exercise stimulates the lower body and forces you to use your core. Better posture is the result of many squats every week.

Set a goal to exercise at least three to four times a week. Keep track of your time too. If you only have 10 minutes today, spend that time walking the stairs or performing a few squats. Every minute counts toward your wellness as the body changes for the better.