William Lauder and Estee Lauder- Names That Changed the Beauty History of the World

There are a host of businessmen and women that have brought in positive changes to the corporate world. Even in a competitive industry like beauty and cosmetics, these leaders have managed to bring in revolutions. Two names that have changed the beauty and cosmetic industry of the world are William Lauder and Estee Lauder. The Estee Lauder team has been solely responsible for creating a Company that is known for its safe and allergy tested skincare, hair care and make up products. This is the Estee Lauder Company and people not only in the USA but across the whole world rely on it blindly.


Both Estee Lauder and William Lauder played significant role in shaping the company today and William have been an exemplary leader in his own right. Estee is the grandmother of William and she founded The Estee Lauder Company in 1946 along with husband Joseph. Her Company did remarkably well from the very beginning. Estee believed in quality and ensured that all the skincare, make- up and hair care products manufactured by her Company were safe for women who used them.

When the Company expanded products were made for both men and women. Perfumes were introduced for both men and women along with a wide range of grooming products. Evelyn Lauder, William Lauder’s mother was behind the creation of Clinique Laboratories along with her mother-in-law Estee Lauder. The duo went on to make this brand of the Estee Lauder Company a huge success. The products were tested by dermatologists and they were allergy free. Moreover, fragrances were not used in their products. The products became a huge success with users and this triggered off more success for the Company.

William Lauder joined the Company to take it a step further. When he was the President of Clinique, two of its products won awards. This was of course a milestone for the Company. William created the Origins brand under The Estee Lauder Company and looked after its international and retail operations. He also managed the online activities of the Company and strengthened the distribution channels to a large extent. This of course helped the Company to expand and enhance its brand portfolio across the globe.

William managed to keep existing customers engaged. This was a major feat and when he introduced the store within a store concept, the goodwill of William Lauder and Estee Lauder Company expanded further. William and Estee Lauder today are remembered for their significant contributions to the cosmetic and beauty industry not only in the USA but across the whole world with respect.