Why You Need To Get Solar Panels For Your Home

Solar energy is the most commonly available source of renewable energy. The sun is available and free for all. All that one needs to harness this power is a set of solar panels and a battery. This is something that can easily be accomplished even at home.

Man installing solar panels

How do solar panels work?

Solar panels are a revolutionary technology. They work to harness the sunlight and convert it into electricity. For you to have a solar panel system for your home, you need to have the following:

  1. Solar panels
  2. Frames or racks for the panels
  3. Some electrical wire
  4. An inverter
  5. A battery

The solar panels work from dawn till dusk. They convert the sunlight into direct current (DC) electricity. This DC electricity flows from the panels to the battery through the wires. The wires deliver it to a battery. This one stores the electricity for later use. The battery stores it in form of Direct Current (DC).

Appliances and other items that we use in the house utilize Alternating Current (AC). As such, the electricity from the battery needs to be converted before it is delivered to these appliances. This is accomplished using a device known as an inverter. The DC flows through the inverter and emerges as AC. It is then suitable for use in the house.

The minimum lifetime of a solar panel system is 25 years. Some brands are well known for lasting up to 45 years. A solar panel system also increases the value of a home. As such, it is a good investment for people who hope to sell their homes in future.

According to studies conducted by an authority on renewable solar energy San Diego, homes that have solar energy systems are bought 20% more than those that don’t. In addition to that, they increase in value by 17% more than a regular home. The resale value of the house increases by $5,000 for every single kilowatt that is added. Most home solar panels have a capacity of 3.1 kilowatts (kW).

Services of a professional solar panel installation company

One of the services that a professional solar panel installation company will do is provide you with a guarantee on your roof. The panels are often installed on the roof. During the process, it can get damaged. A professional company will see to it that your roof is repaired and restored.

The company will also divide the process into five manageable steps. In the first one, they give you a quote on the projected cost of the process. This quote helps you know if you will have to downgrade or even expand your solar panel system.

After that, if you agree to the quote, you can sign the contract. The company now has the obligation to design, build and install your solar panels. The installation normally takes place one day. Once it is done, you will be the proud owner of a solar panel system.


A solar panel system is a reliable source of energy. It is environmentally friendly. You can save a lot on energy costs by investing in a solar panel system.


Susan Davies is an engineer. She works in the renewable energy industry. Her expertise has been used in developing panels for solar energy san diego.