Why Updated Insurance Software is Necessary?

How insurance agents used to operate

Insurance agents used to operate as highly visible salespeople. The insurance agents would knock on people’s houses and go around the town, door to door. Back when this used to be the way sales were made, the agents would often be invited into the client’s home to discuss the insurance options available. 
The sales were hugely based off the rapport that the insurance agent would have been so working so hard to build. These days clients find it increasingly difficult to visualise inviting a salesperson into their home and possibly offering to make them a cup of tea. 
Customers these days refer to this as cold calling and are very much opposed to the idea. Having a salesperson knock on their door is not how people want to be buying anymore, in fact customers are quite untrustworthy of this method now. Customers are far more comfortable being the one to make the first contact.

Many brokers in the insurance industry find it hard to move away from the old systems that they have come to be familiar with and know inside out. But these systems no longer meet the needs of the business or clients. The demands that are being made by clients are so much different now compared to what they were, and therefore the industry requires different technology to help with the running of their business.

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Why old technology is no longer relevant

The insurance industry has been using some form of insurance software since the 1980s, so updating the systems regularly is a vital requirement for businesses who want to be tackling the current marketplace and not those rare few who still operate as people did back in 1980. 

The old ways of operating a business are no longer relevant to current times. As new technology is being developed, the target client is changing how they shop around and therefore to remain competitive insurance brokers need to know how to operate themselves.

Technology has quickly evolved over the years, if we think back to the last fifteen years alone there have been some major technology developments. With advancements in technology changing the way we live it has ultimately affected how we search, access and shop.

 If a task can be completed online, you can be sure that your client is seeking that out for the sake of convenience and time management. If potential clients are choosing to stay in touch with their friends and family online then it was inevitable that they would then transfer all of their tasks online, where possible.

Smart technology is now fully able and ready to travel around with your potential and current clients. This makes your business fully accessible from where ever your client is. Clients no longer have to worry about locations (like the UK insurance forum) or opening times when it comes to getting a quote, as your updated insurance software systems would take care of all that for you and your client.

Back in the 1980s and even 1990s, being door to door salespeople insurance agents were trying to sell by building a relationship but customers are no longer interested in building relationships with the individuals. Modern clients much prefer to build and maintain a good relationship with the business as a whole. 

Gone are the days where customers will happily invite you into their home for a chat over discussing insurance policies; they much prefer to get to the information that they require. That information is usually costings and having your insurance software systems online, it allows them to access all of this with ease. By meeting your client’s requirements, you are one step closer to closing another sale. Makes you ask the question, what is the future of the insurance industry? 
By having your new and improved insurance software working off Cloud technology, it allows your existing clients to find what they want without making an unnecessary phone call. Modern customers no longer want to be hanging off the end of the telephone, they want to be able to grab their device where ever they are to get tasks done in the click of a button, in a few minutes. 
Customers much prefer easily accessible information such as relevant documentation without the hassle of having to contact a sales person directly or even sifting through endless paperwork. Additionally, the modern customer doesn’t particularly want to store any paperwork in their house at all and it is a great bonus if it is offered to them for their documentation to be stored online; using Cloud technology.

Importance for having updated software systems

The insurance industry and all of those brokers and agents within it need to keep up with the ever growing and developing technology and market. As new and updated software gets created it becomes more beneficial to businesses and consumers. New technology and systems are now all-encompassing and offer so much more than previously.

Insurance software systems, like the one provided by schemeserve, now offer to free up time spent on tasks that the system is fully capable of doing, so your time can be put to use in places technology cannot reach. By using Cloud technology, your system can collect all of the relevant data for you, directly from your clients. 

It is then possible for your system to interpret the data you collect to gather an insight into what your client needs. It then offers you critical information on how to properly engage with them, maintain contact and how they prefer this to happen. Additionally, new insurance software takes care of all automated emails, notices of renewals and any other information that is needed to be sent out to your clients.

Despite costings not being the absolute decision maker (like the top 10 biggest insurance companies in the UK), clients today are still quite price centric and it will be considered very seriously when making a decision. Insurance software systems allow your clients to be focussed on the price and it tells them exactly what they need to know and quickly. 

If an idea of the price is what your client seeks out to help them with the decision, then this is what you need to make sure you are offering them access to. Updated software systems can meet all of your client’s criteria.
Modern customers who operate online are even sold by the businesses who offer a smooth approach to how they operate. Your insurance suite needs to be meet these vital requirements to ensure a pleasant experience for your customers. Not only does it improve your customers experience during their time with your business, but it will also greatly improve office productivity as it will run a lot faster and therefore complete tasks quicker – much more efficient than by hand.

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By delivering your service through Cloud technology, it enables you to have access to technology updates until you stop using the software. For convenience, Cloud technology is able to be installed directly onto your existing software. The Cloud also collects all of your data with ease and stores it in a safe and secure platform that offers your client exactly what they need. 

Cloud technology does not come into play for just parts of the process, it is used throughout the entire life cycle of the policy. Whether it’s your client getting a quote, an email being sent out, documentation being distributed or handling the renewals, the Cloud technology can take care of it all.

The insurance industry needs updated software that drives their business and enables them to sell insurance while making profits on their income. Updating the insurance software systems that are being used is an absolute must if you want to remain in the competitive, modern marketplace.