Why One Should Use Flexibag For Liquid Transport?

It’s a pretty well-known fact that shipping large volumes of liquid doesn’t have much variety. There is usually one of two options, either spend a lot of money to hire a truck designed for transporting mass quantities of liquid, or make use of drums and intermediate bulk containers which are not weight or space efficient. But with the onset of stronger and even more durable plastics, radio frequency welding offers you a way to create your own flexible liquid tanks that make it easier and much more cost effective to ship liquids.


So How Does it Work?

By using plastic welding and RF sealing technology, a manufacturer can create air and watertight seals on any size plastic bag through the use of RF sealing or dielectric sealing. Vinyl, PVC and other thermoplastics which are well known for their durability can then be made into a large scale waterproof containment bag. And because radio frequency welding can seal multiple layers of plastic together, you can layer together a lot of plastic sheets to create a safe and durable container that can better resist punctures or cuts. The tanks are then made easy to use by adding special valves to make it easy to put in or take out whatever liquid you choose to fill the flexible tank with. While a liquid containment bag is far from a revolutionary concept, consider the many different benefits shipping any quantity of liquid can have by making use of plastic containment.

Decrease the Cost Per Unit

Because of the inefficiency of drum and other bulk containers, it’s possible to lower your end cost per unit. Even if you opt to transport your business’ liquids through the use of a tank truck, it is much easier and cost effective to make use of flexible plastic tanks made by radio frequency welding instead. Rather than having to pay the hefty costs of hiring a tanker, you can instead opt for a traditional freight truck and load it with your flexible liquid tank instead. And because the plastic container weighs far less than metal drums, bulk containers and tankers, you can transport more liquid at a time which further helps to reduce your unit costs.

Decrease Your Labor Costs

Consider how much work goes into your typical liquid transportation. You need to fill a drum, seal it, move it onto a pallet, seal the pallet, stack them into shipping container and then seal the shipping container. That’s a lot of extra time and work that goes into your shipping costs! But by setting up a flexibag liquid container into a trailer, you already have your tank set up in its shipping container and only need to pump the liquid into it and send it on its way. Once it arrives, it just needs to be pumped from the trailer directly to its storage containment, further reducing your labor cost!


Choosing to use plastic over drums can also take less of a strain on the environment, making your liquid shipments a lot greener! Because plastic does not corrode, you don’t need to worry about any drums rusting and contaminating the environment. Plastic is also recyclable, meaning that once your plastic tanks have met the end of their life and need replacing, they can be recycled back into other products.

So by lowering your unit and labor costs, it makes it easier to provide the same great product at a lower cost to your consumers all by changing the way you ship! That’s something that both you and your customers can be happy about.