Why Minnesota Is Considered the 2nd Popular Most Home Buyers Market

Subsequent to the relative boost up in economic depression, the real estate market is quite healthy across the world today. In the United States, the city of Minneapolis is not out of this trend. Awfully enough, in late 2010, its popular real estate market underwent 60 % real estate market foreclosure making substantial losses to homebuyers to real estate companies. Thankfully, the situation is fairly recovered these days and numbers of realty companies are interested to invest in Minnesota Real estate industry.


In a recent survey Minnesota is established to be the 2nd largest realty market place in the US. Whether you are a prospective homebuyer, associated with realty development business and looking for an established financial institute regarding realty loan or advisory in the state of Minnesota, contact Steve Liefschultz, the CEO or his team at Equity Bank and avail the best solution matching your requirement.

The inceptor, CEO and Chairman, Equity Bank Steve Liefschultz and his great associates are focused on all real estate property loans as well as investment loans helping both buyers and developers to reach their dreams. For residents of Minnetonka and Claremont, the Equity Bank is top popular today. Being an expert, Steve Liefschultz is highly efficient to deal with simple to most critical cases relating to commercial litigation, negotiation, documentation as well as commercial real estate matters. He is also functioning as the chief executive officer and chairman of The REMADA Company. REMADA group is a popular real estate firm focused on purchase, development, sale and management of multifamily units. It has more than 3,500 multifamily realty units under its management while the number is increasing.

When it comes to the real estate market in Minnesota, the factors like its healthy living standard, economy, low unemployment rate and budget homes have made it a popular destination for prospect home buyers. Ranging from corporate professionals, small businessmen to retired elderly citizens is found interested to buy homes in different places in the state of Minnesota. Conversely, this has made a number of property development companies inspired to invest in Minnesota realty industry. Having been in the real estate, banking and lending business segment, Steve Liefschultz, the Chairman of Equity Bank can support you in all terms from credit rating analysis, documenting loan application to expediting your loan.

About Steve and Equity Bank

Minnesota based Equity Bank is a privately controlled banking institute, which has successfully solidified its clientele all across Claremont and Minnetonka, in Minnesota. The financial enterprise is specializing in realty and investment loan areas. Being led by a weathered professional like Steve Liefschultz and a group of top notch experts from banking, realty and financial products industry the enterprise has assisted numerous clients in buying their dream homes, budding  realtors in developing residential complexes and also home sellers to help their suitable buyers in getting loans. Steve is supported by a bachelor degree (BA) from the University of Minnesota.