Why eCommerce Companies should Blog

These days it’s not just independent bloggers or journalists or mainstream media websites that are blogging. Brands have taken to blogging as well.

Everyone from a small business to big websites has a blog now. Sure enough, there are many benefits to websites maintaining a blog. Some of these are:

1) Its a good showcase of the company background

While ads help people under the products on offer, blogs from a company help make a connection between the products and the company that makes them.

2) You can describe your products in greater details

For many eCommerce sites, a blog serves an opportunity to describe your products in greater detail, with superior copy and no words restrictions, with other media to support the description. I personally use the blog to explain the gadgets.

Because while Facebook allows us to say “buy our wireless Flash Drives”, it’s the blog that gives us an opportunity to describe how the flash drive works, how to use it, linking reviews by others if any and inserting relevant videos.

3) Its good for SEO

Needless to say, writing interesting content on our blog brings additional traffic to our website. And who knows someone may come for content, but end up shopping! Believe me, it happens many times.

But before you proceed with SEO, you should know in detail about how SEO works. Having strategic articles related to your SEO keywords helps you rank better on Google search as Google builds a stronger connection between you and your keywords. But if you do not do it right, you can also get negative results.

4) It keeps our existing customers engaged

You can focus on retaining your existing customers as much as like to gain new ones. So, regularly post useful content from a blog on your social media.

This way the customers don’t feel like they’re always being bombarded with spam, but being shared useful and interesting content.

5) It serves as a communication hub for the company

You can announce what we’re working on, showcase your company culture and allow guest posts by your customers.

All this helps the customer understand that you are an active company and there’s a lot going on to bring them the products they see on your front.