Why Does Your Business Need Offsite Data Protection Service?

An offsite data protection service can provide you with some important benefits. If your business is not currently making a duplicate copy of your data and storing it offsite, you truly need to go through the benefits mentioned below.

Offsite Data Protection

Back up Your Important Data:

One of the most important reasons why you need to back up your business data offsite is because of the fact that without offsite data protection, you data is vulnerable. There are many ways that the important data related to your business can get destroyed. If you lose valuable data like customer files, payment info, it can be really expensive to recreate these information. In fact, most of the business will actually go out of business if they lose their data. The only way to get rid of this problem is to hire a professional offsite data protection service.

Easy Installation:

A professional offsite data protection service generally store client’s critical business data and information within their secure data center. The client can choose what files and folders they would like to store and keep a backup. During an internal and external disaster, if your business is destroyed, you will be able to access the stored data and put it back on your computers in another location. It is a unique way to recover your data after a disaster and recover your business operations within couple of hours by easily accessing your data backup via the internet.


Another benefit of offsite data backup is that you can access any of your business information from any internet connection. Even if you are away from your computer and you feel an urge to access an important business file, you can simply do the same via internet. Once you are able to access offsite data backup service provider’s secure data center, you can easily locate the data that you want to install on your computer and choose restore.

Maximum Security:

Any data stored by the offsite data backup service provider is 100% secure. Typically, these professional data centers have highest level of security and compliances installed in their system to protect client’s data. By letting a professional offsite data backup service provider store your business data you can rest assure that your data is kept secure by using a customer-controlled encryption key and authentication system. In this type of data center, you information is secure since it does not need any vulnerable agents to be installed on each computer. This reduces any chances of open ports of your firewall for all backup sources. As a result, it dramatically enhances security by eliminating any points of attack that is common with agent based architectures.

Currently, there are many offsite data backup service providers available that can help your business protect important data. However, not all services are business friendly. Sometimes, they may be good for individual customer, but nor for a big business that has different needs. Therefore, spend a little time on researching on the available offsite data protection services and choose the best one that meets your requirement. You can visit datastoragecorp.com and request for their 14 Day No Commitment Recovery Cloud Backup Trial.