Why do Professional Golfers need Professional Caddies?

All golfers, even the best players in the world, were once amateurs who slugged their bags around with them. This is the time when these men and women learned how to play the game they love. From dusk to dawn, they would carry their clubs with them and make their own decisions about how to play every shot. They likely became great carrying their own bags, so one may wonder why professional golfers need a professional caddy.

Most PGA players have the same caddie for a few years and then move on to find a new one. Other players, like Mickelson and Woods, had the same caddie for many years. Then, there’s Nicklaus, who really didn’t have the same caddie very often. In most cases, the length of the caddie player partnership depends on several factors.

Here are some key points in favor of the beloved caddies.

Physical Support

We must remember that professional golfers are playing for humongous amounts of money, so every stroke is important. There is no doubt that carrying a professional bag can be exhausting. After all, including clubs and accessories, most bags weigh between 30 and 50 pounds. Lugging that much weight will take a toll on anyone, so having the caddie do the heavy lifting allows the player a better opportunity to make the best possible shot every single time. Especially with the hilly nature of many courses and several longer golf courses, having a caddie likely improves every player’s chance of winning.

Mental Support

A caddie does much more than just carry, clean, and hand clubs. The best caddies are able to give the player confidence to choose the right club and make the right swing. Golf is a mental game, so having a caddie provide you with assurance that you’re making the right decisions is very beneficial. Like any relationship, both people must give and take for complete success. The caddie may also give the player options and suggestions. They will double-check the wind, lie, distance, and break. The greatest teams to ever be on tour are ones that have given the caddie the freedom to suggest and improvise with the player. Most golfers love a second opinion, so the caddie can be a make or break advisor at times offering dependable assistance.

Pre-Round Service

The caddies are also the people who take the time to walk the course and find the exact distances for the player. Caddies who know how their player plays and thinks can be beneficial by doing the pre-round walk. All the gathered information can be used to assist the pro during the round. The player has to hit the shots and must do the appropriate amount of physical and mental preparation, so the caddie can do the course preparations.

Most regular players don’t have caddies and that’s why they are “regular players”. The pros and elite golfers have earned the right for additional support, and that’s why they have caddies. The caddie is like a spouse who doesn’t mind dealing with the extra baggage in the relationship.