Why And Which Quality of Exit Sign To Select?

Illuminated signs in red or green that indicate the way out of the buildings, known as exit signs are an integral part of designs of the building. These should be visible both in daylight as well as in the dark; therefore, it needs proper illumination. Emergency exits especially require signs to direct people escape out during crisis or disasters. These small signboards are thus of huge importance and hence they are present not only in apartments and commercial buildings but in restaurants, theaters, hospitals, schools and every other public gathering areas.

Exit Sign

Small but appropriate to symbolize, these signs either in pictogram form or by words-EXIT and often both are used. The earlier signs illuminated by light bulbs are now replaced by more cost efficient, save energy, environmentally friendly alternatives. Above all these are visible even in thick smokes of fire, which earlier ones failed to provide.

New, evolved and improved exit sign: 

Generally, an exit sign gain illumination either externally or internally. In the former one, the light source is outside the signboard or the device. These are incandescent or fluorescent light source. While in the latter case, the light source is present right within the device. Here the light source ranges from incandescent, fluorescent, electro luminescent, LEDs, radio luminescent to photoluminescent.

While the incandescent light bulbs work for some months, comparatively LED’s or Light Emitting Diodes and photoluminescent signs last for four to five years.

Go green by glowing green:

The photoluminescent signs require no electricity for its management. Photoluminescence is possible with the containment of phosphor. This phosphor or phosphorescence is the main element that luminates after being in presence of wavelengths of light. Since it works without electricity, the cost of electrical engineer, installation and no use of power to run it daily makes its inexpensive. The building saves considerable amount of money in electricity annually. The fabrication and vector cutting of the product for various shapes and sizes affluently done makes production easy and cheap. In addition to this, its demand in the market is on the rise.

However, the most vital aspect of using photoluminescent signs is its eco-friendly quality. These are non-radioactive, non-toxic, non-hazardous and recyclable. It is indeed the ideal green product suitable for any environment. It is well lit and clearly visible in presence of heavy smoke during fire.

All in all what is most important is the reliability and maintenance of the exit signs. It should be reliable especially during the time of crisis. The incandescent bulb failures are not favorable since they might fail to be of use during emergencies, due to their limited life span. Its upholding at regular intervals is also necessary. Radioluminiscent and photoluminiscent signs need no inspections rather than just cleaning the boards. However, these need replacement after few years since their luminance also decreases by time. Keeping its importance and utility in mind, buy the products, which fairly serve its purpose while ensuring safety.