Who Needs to Watch Top Gun When You Can Do The Real Thing?

Only a handful of pilots are able to perform the amazing feats of aerobatics. It involves complex moves that require courage and specialized training. To those who don’t have the skills or nerves to perform these manoeuvers, watching from the ground brings its own level of excitement, but for those who want to test limits, training at a great flying school in Bankstown is the best choice.


The Australian Aerobatic Academy (AAA) offers flight training in Bankstown. The school offers several courses that prepares pilots to perform the manoeuvers properly and safely. The advanced handling skills course improves the pilot’s overall control over the aircraft by teaching recovery methods. Common emergencies are also covered in this course. To progress the pilot’s skills, the General Flying Progress Test course is offered. To learn guidance for aerobatic contests, students can take the competition aerobatic class. The last class combines everything the pilot learned and teaches the proper aerobatic sequences with the upmost level of safety.

Flying schools not only teach pilots, but they offer entertaining adventures for non-pilots. For daredevils, AAA allows passengers to ride with a pilot as they perform exciting tricks. For a more relaxing experience, the scenic flights offer tours over Sydney, including Sydney Harbour. My experience so far with the school has been great, and I’m really excited about my future. I hated working in commercial aviation, but now I feel like I’m on my way to becoming a real life Top Gun. Also, my flying skills have improved like you wouldn’t believe!

The great aerobic course offered at AAA allow it to be one of the best aerobatic schools in Australia. Teaching students the skills they need to become confident, AAA offers quality training to allow accurate and safe aerobatic performances. Click here to learn more about what’s on offer!