While Travel Writing, What Are the Major Mistakes That Should Be Avoided?

On one hand it is true that traveling is one of the most common passion in the world today but on the other hand, it is also a point that making a career out of the same is not precisely easy. In modern times it is perceived that more and more number of persons are motivated towards making a living through travel, more explicitly travel writing and according to proficient travel writer Louis Habash, it is not here that the difficulty lies. Now you might be wondering then where the problem does seems to be.

Travel Writing

Essentially most of the people who aspires in this field are not aware of the major obstacles which can set back their career. And bizarrely, this is not just the case for travel writing but in order to sparkle in any career, one often looks through the potentials one needs to have and the criteria’s one needs to fulfill but hardly ever one even notices the don’ts of the field.

By don’ts, it is meant that the stuffs from which one should refrain from. And travel writing also has certain don’ts just like any other fields which should be evaded at all cost. In fact, some people even believes that in this particular field, the don’ts are highlighted even more.

As Louis Habash believes that first things first, therefore if you are looking forward to become a travel writer, one should take a look at these set of things which you should never practice:

  • When you are looking towards making a living through writing, vocabulary and language matters. And there is a common fallacy that travel writing is not literature and just by using tons of adjectives, you can get past any mistakes. This should be strictly evaded. It not only puts an end to one’s reputation but also confines any decent cultivated audience traffic. Furthermore this leads to one’s deleterious branding and as one may already know that it is hard to turn back, once one is disgraced. Hence keep this in check.
  • What many travel writers fail to comprehend is that the very basic principle of travel writing is sharing the skill and experience and not information. Nowadays one can get info from just about anywhere on the internet but it takes a genuine travel writer to provide a worthy read which will capture the convolutions of one’s experience, the culture of the place, the emotion, the local rituals and also other particularizing. One might as well perceive it as snapshots being shown to the readers, that is the level of vibrant and vivid detailing the writing demands and also it must be coherent and must not make the reader uncomfortable in any way. And so, you should always remember that travel writing is not about allowing your readers know about the place but also the writing needs depth so as to touch the readers.

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