When to Call Your DUI Lawyer

Laws regarding a DUI may differ from state to state, and it can sometimes be difficult to keep them all straight. If you have a Colorado DUI lawyer on hand, he or she can probably enlighten you as to the different laws regarding a DUI in Colorado. One important thing to know is when it is prudent to actually call your lawyer if you happen to be pulled over for a DUI.

In the state of Colorado, you actually cannot call on your Colorado DUI lawyer right away when you are stopped. First, you need to listen to and comply with the officers that have pulled you over. Being polite and compliant will likely help your case in the long run. Being disobedient or rude can come back to bite you, so be careful. Mentioning that you want to call your lawyer could be construed as being resistant or disobedient (which can get you in more trouble), so just understand that in Colorado, you cannot call on your lawyer for help right away.

You should know that you can refuse a field sobriety test in Colorado. You will likely need to have some sort of chemical test, however. This is usually done either with a breathalyzer or through a blood test. You should actually be able to choose which method you prefer. You may be given the chance to call on your lawyer after your chemical test.

As soon as you are given the opportunity, call your Colorado DUI lawyer for help right away. Having an experienced DUI lawyer on your side will help the whole process to go a lot more smoothly, and the sooner you call on your lawyer, the sooner your lawyer can start gathering evidence and documentation regarding your case. Even if you feel like you are presumed guilty with your charge, it may still benefit you to talk to a lawyer to see what can be done. You never know what could happen with a knowledgeable attorney at your side.

About the author – Jay Tiftickjian is a Denver DUI attorney and is published in many national legal texts about DUI defense. He is also editor of his blog where he posts up to date information and case law pertaining to DUI in the State of Colorado.

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