What To Look For In a Drug Rehab Program?

The simple fact is that rehab centers are drastically different in just about every way imaginable. This is why you need to invest some of your time into visiting various facilities and take a tour to see what exactly they have to offer. Choose your rehab facility wisely. Here are a few things for you to keep in mind during your search.

Drug rehab

1. How many patients are at the facility?

This is always a good question to start with during your tour of any rehab facility. It is important to know this info because addicts typically receive better and more personalized care at facilities with a small number of patients. It is similar to the way private schools offer a better educational experience because there are fewer students compared to the number of teachers. Therefore, teachers have time to focus on each student and give them the attention they deserve. The same thing applies to rehab facilities with fewer patients. You will be able to more easily interact with the staff and speak to them about the issues you are having. Patients often feel like they are getting ignored if they are receiving their treatment in a facility with many addicts.

2. Can you get a room to yourself?

Rehab facilities differ when it comes to their policies regarding patient living arrangements. Some facilities require every patient to have a roommate. However, you can also find places that will allow you to have your own room. You will find that many of the more expensive facilities will let patients have their own room since they are paying a considerable amount of money for treatment. You should call the facility and ask them if you can have your own room if this is an important issue for you. It will prevent you from wasting a trip to take a tour of a facility you have no intention of using. Many patients like the idea of having a roommate during rehab because it gives them someone to bond with. However, other people prefer to have their privacy as they endure the most difficult experience of their life.

3. Can the rehab center effectively treat your problem?

Not all rehab centers are equipped to treat all of the various forms of addiction. The symptoms of the high functioning alcoholic sometimes very difficult to notice. It takes people with a very high level of training to be able to help a person with this condition. This is why it is imperative to check yourself into a drug or alcohol rehab facility that has a staff with the necessary training to give you the treatment you need. Talk to the director of the rehab facility during your tour to find out exactly what types of addiction they are equipped to deal with.

4. What type of aftercare program do they have in place?

It is essential that you inquire about the aftercare program offered by any rehab facility you are strongly considering for your treatment. Going to the facility is only part of the rehab process. It will continue after you leave the facility and return to your normal life. However, it is very hard to remain clean and sober without the aid of an aftercare program to assist you. The aftercare offered by drug and alcohol rehab centers will vary greatly. This is why you must find out the specifics of what is involved before you make a commitment. Choose a rehab center that offers a comprehensive aftercare program that gives you the best chance of kicking your habit once and for all.

5. How often can you have visitors?

Seeing the faces of your friends and family during rehab can give you the strength you need to complete your treatment. People who are living in a rehab facility full-time are not allowed to leave during treatment. Therefore, it is important that they are able to have visitors. The number and frequency of visitors is determined by the rehab facility. Once again, you need to find out what their visitation policy is before you make a final decision regarding where to receive your treatment.

You might need to find a heroin detox center in Orange County. If this is the case, you will certainly have many to choose from. However, you should not be foolish enough to think that all of these facilities are the same when it comes to the knowledge of the people who work there and the treatment they provide.