What Are the RAWS Requirements?

RAWS, or Registered Automotive Workshop Scheme, is a system used in Australia to allow the importation of used foreign automobiles into the country. Since cars frequently cost more in Australia than they do elsewhere – and since not all models are available in the country – the government has established rules that give drivers, car collectors and other automobile enthusiasts the option of importing their vehicles. To import a used vehicle, a buyer must go through RAWS, a system that holds the following rules and requirements.

 RAWS RequirementsThe car to be imported is either featured on the SEVS list or was built before 1989: The SEVS Register (Specialist & Enthusiast Vehicle Scheme) is involved heavily in the car importation game, as it lists the cars that buyers are and are not permitted to import into Australia. If a car does not appear on the SEVS list, it cannot be brought into Australia under the RAWS scheme unless it was built before 1989. Cars with manufacturing dates predating January 1, 1989 are not governed under SEVS guidelines.

The import has been approved by the government: In order to import a car, a buyer will have to submit an application to the government. Approval for the application request will usually come with a Contract of Compliance, which will require the buyer to set up an arrangement with a Registered Automotive Workshop to make modifications once the car arrives in the country.

The RAW has someone on staff who can bring the car in question up to compliancy: RAWs are brought into the import equation to make mechanical and structural changes to a car and bring it up to Australia’s unique compliancy requirements. These compliancy standards must be met for a car to be driven on Australian roads. However, not every RAW is trained in the compliance modifications for every car, so if you are hoping to import under the RAWS scheme, you will have to find a workshop that can modify your car correctly.

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