What Are SIM Only Deals and How It Benefits?

What A SIM Only Deal Is?

Mobile phones become the necessity for everyone. They are not only useful in communication purpose but also are beneficial in other areas as well. However, many average mobile users can’t afford to spend a lot and to solve this problem; many leading networks in UK are offering some incredible yet affordable mobile phone deals to the users. 

They include Contract deal, Pay As You Go deals, SIM free deals and UK SIM deals. Thus, the user can choose the service of the network in an affordable rate. 

Today, SIM only deals are up-to-date as the number of people who want to buy it has been increased a lot. These deals come with a myriad of benefits. Nearly all network providers claim to provide best deals.

Therefore, it can be hard to choose the most beneficial deal. Here we discuss about what a SIM only deals mean and the terms and concepts used in the subscription of a deal. Also, how a customer should choose the best deals is explained. 

SIM only deals include making a person close to a network service provider. Subscription to a deal include text messages, call minutes and internet as well. It is essential for people to have a phone or tablet. These deals also include a SIM card that people need to put in their phone or tablet.

The major attraction with SIM deal is the discount that users will receive for the messages or call minutes. Network provider may charge a less rate for this kind of subscription as a SIM only deal doesn’t include a costly phone. The large discount packages are the major reasons for people to buy best deal. 

Important Terms and Concepts Explained

There are certain terms and concepts used in SIM only deals. Some popular ones include the following;

Phone: Mobile phone play a vital role with these deals. As the phone is what makes a SIM only contract cheaper than normal subscription. Here at SIM deal, people pay for the minutes and messages and not for their costly phone.

Unlocked: This term indicate the gadget can be used with all network providers. If the phone is SIM locked, it is not an issue. People can get their gadget unlocked at a telephone shop.

SIM card: It is a small card used to put in the phone. New SIM card will be offered for SIM only deals. Most network providers offer these cards at free of cost.

Number portability: When people change their SIM only deals, they are changing their current network provider. Number portability is now offered with all network providers. Hence, people can keep their old number with a new deal.

Packages and additional benefits: SIM contracts include messages or minutes and internet facility. Network provider may vary in the packages and additional benefits offered through SIM only deals. People need to make a research on each new SIM only deal and then choose the best SIM only contract.

Benefits of SIM Only Deals Offered to Customers

Owing to global economic meltdown and global recession, everyone look for ways to save money. SIM only deals are one such great way to cut down mobile bills. It offers countless benefits.

Convenience: The best part of these deals is that it offers the freedom of choosing the network contracts as per the needs of the user. Unlike the contract deals that have 12 or 18 months of lock in period, most SIM only deals come with 30 days. Therefore, it allows the user to change their networks whenever they want. Cancelling such deals is also easy. Users need not sign up a contract with the network provider.

So, they do not require any legal documents. It is a great boon to travelers as they can change into the network of the country they would visit without hassles. It helps to get rid of roaming charges. Since, these contracts are in 30 days span, users can change them at their convenience.

Flexibility: SIM only choices are more flexible. The users do not have to change the old handsets to avail these deals of other network providers. They can retain the phone number too. Users can enjoy the flexibility of selecting network that offers low call rates, cheap tariff plans, schemes within their budget.

SIM only deals are especially targeted at college students, housewives who don’t want to get bind with particular network for a long period. Since, network providers offer fabulous deals all the time it is easy for users to avail such offers with SIM only deals.

Freedom: SIM only deals provide the freedom of choosing network without get into any contract. Users can use the SIM in any SIM free mobiles and so it does not require any investment. The great part of these deals is that it enables the user to retain his previous number.

It offers great convenience to the users. Owing to the tremendous demand of SIM only deals, almost all major mobile phone companies have launched SIM free handsets. Thus, users can obtain the handset of their choice. Just inserting SIM of their favorite network provider, they can use their handsets.

Affordability: Cost effective is the main reason for the overwhelming popularity of cheap SIM only choices. Users do not require buying new handsets. They can simply replace the previous card with the new one. SIM only deals help them to grab cost effective deals that are offered by various network providers.

Some Important SIM Only FAQ’s

Does SIM contract helps me in my credit rating?

Yes, SIM only contracts can also utilize to reconstruct your credit worthiness or rating. The element of risk is low compared to when the networks have to pay for the cell phone set up-front. Where a customer is not able to pay for the service which was offered to him the previous month the networks may bar using the service the following month, thus the risk element is mostly restricted to the already rendered services. Normally the network providers do not apply stringent credit checking measure to its customer.

Can it access the internet through my network provider?

Yes, if you want to get online with your smart phone then you should take a try on SIM only deals with the internet as a part of your scheme. If you’re an existing mobile phone contract is not providing you with an internet data allowance in your plan and charging you for the usage of internet on your phone, it could be quite expensive when compared to a plan with specification for internet user. If you have come to the end of your mobile contract and want to keep the same phone and number then choosing one of the many SIM deals with internet allowance included is likely to be the cheapest option.
For an existing user of smart phones SIM only deals with internet plans are very useful. You have the liberty to access internet plans with less pay. It is hard to keep up with the new jargon when a new product hits the market. If you have heard of SIM only contracts and have not understood the meaning, the above is right place is to go through. 

Are there any adverse aspects of using these plans?

The only adverse aspect of plan is the negative effect these schemes have on manufacturers of the handsets, like Samsung, Nokia, and LG. SIM Only UK deals never come along with handsets; hence If a customer wants to retain their cellular phone for a long period, the sales of the newer phones take a huge hit, resulting in the slowing down of the production process. This might bring in huge losses on the part of the manufacturer.

How these deals help to “Go Green”?

These days Go Green concept is gaining momentum and SIM only deals lend a hand to save the environment. Since, in order to avail another network provider plan, in the past, one had to but new handset. Consequently, the user threw the old mobile in the trash and polluted the environment. Now, with best choices, users can easily change to any network of their preference without changing the handset. So, best deals offer option for users to keep their cell phones out of the landfills.

How to search for best deals?

As nearly all network providers offer SIM only deals these days, it will be difficult for people to choose the best contracts or deals that provide best services. Most people look for cheap and appropriate SIM only deals. Keep this key element in mind and search for best SIM only deals at all available sources. 
The best practice is to carefully follow online reviews that give an in-depth analysis of the best SIM only deals. This would undoubtedly help you choose the best deals in the best possible way, ensuring that the value for money is maximized on your part. 


People are looking ways to save bucks and so they don’t want to buy new handset every time to avail economic deals. The cheapest deals come in handy as it offers incredible range of offers at extremely low rates. With such deals one can enjoy cheap international calls, free minutes, tariffs, discounted calls, free text messages etc. SIM only deals like offered by various brands and networks are a great way to be in control of your spending. You can cancel them at any time and switch to another network that offers more value for money than your current service provider. 
Let’s enjoy our life with the best technology we have at best price. Do Feel free to share your ideas, tips and experiences regarding the SIM only deals, in the comment section below.