What are Shelves and its types?

A shelf is a type of horizontal place which could be placed at any place like home, business are, store, etc. to store or hold various items that are of value to be displayed, decorated or offered for sale. A shelf is usually raised off the ground and usually supported on its shorter length sides by brackets. It could also be supported by columns or strong pillars. The shelves are also known as counters, ledge, racks or mantel. The shelves could be attached to a wall or vertical surfaces, in various places it is also seen suspended from ceilings or part of a freestanding frame unit. It can also be a part of the piece of furniture’s like cabinets, bookcases, headboards, centers, etc. Combination of two to five shelves form a unit, each shelf is being attached perpendicularly to a vertical support or diagonal supports and is positioned generally parallel to one on another. There are also freestanding shelves which can be accessed from either longer length sides. A shelf is also floating form with hidden internal brackets. The lengths of shelf’s are based on is generally based on the limitations of space, seating, weights which it is bound to hold. The distance between shelves supports is based on the limitation of space and heights; there are also adjustable shelving systems which allow altering of this vertical distance. The fronts of the shelf’s could be used to display the name, products, pricing and other information it is intended to hold. There are units which could be fixed or some forms of mobile shelving and heavy duty shelves are on pallet racking forms.

ShelvesRadiator Shelves

Another type of shelves is also called radiator shelves which consist of a radiator cover of a substantial form of the item. What it effectively does it helps in completely concealing the odd looking steel panel radiator and replaces it with a stylish structure. There are holes fitted along with grills which allow the heat to pass through, which could also be painted or could be decorated according to the person wish and choice. The radiator covers are made of a medium density fiberboard which could be easily painted. They neither warp, nor split because of the reason that they reduce the amount of heat emitted by the radiator. These all should be installed all together with a reflective insulator foil fitted on the walls behind the radiators. It is also important to keep a gap at the lower bottom of the radiator covers to allow passage of cold air in to be later warmed by the radiator and then that air is sent on its way by convection heating.

Radiator covered shelves could be made at home as DIY or could be ready –made available in the market. Either way all you need to make sure the following points while choosing radiator covers for radiator shelves.

How to measure radiator shelves?

There is a need to measure three dimensions for your radiator shelves, i.e. Height: this could be measured from the top of the radiator down to the floor. Width: from the edges to the radiator point vales, Depth: this is the distance from the walls to the front of the radiator cover. Also, you need to add 1 inch in each dimension which you measure.

Radiator Cover Kits

This could be brought either from the market or you can also order from online stores available on the internet, there are special companies which customize the covers according to the dimensions measured. From a Do it yourself stores, you can also choose various sizes, select covers according to equal to the structure from the various ranges available.

You can make your own radiator shelf with just two brackets and a wood. A simple way is to fix the brackets to the shelf and fit it to the wall.