What a Stairlift Can Do For You?

Being able to walk upstairs is something you take for granted when you can do it easily — but once you start to experience mobility issues, be they due to age, illness, or injury, you quickly learn how vital this skill really is. In fact, this reduction in mobility is often seen as a sign that it may be time to reduce some of your independence. Never fear, though — a stairlift may be just what you need.

stairliftRetaining Independence

When you’re no longer able to walk up a flight of stairs without difficulty, you have three options. One is to move, which can be annoying, stressful, and sad; another is to get in-home help, like a home health aide, who can retrieve things from upstairs for you.

A third option, especially if the stairs are your only problem, is to install a stairlift. That way, you can move up and down the stairs yourself and don’t have to worry about another person being in your home.

Stairlifts that are properly installed are smooth and stable. Many have seatbelt features, if those make you more comfortable, while others have large seats that let you stay firmly planted as the chair moves. Maintenance is generally easy to take care of. And best of all, with that stairlift, you don’t have to move or rearrange your home — you can go on with your regular life.

What You Need to Know

Stairlifts can be installed on both the wall and banister sides of the stairwell, though banister lifts will have their own special rail installed (your typical stairway banister is too weak to have the chair installed directly on it). The chairs are not toys, so younger household members should be kept away from the lift if they are unable to stay away themselves. There may also be weight limits on a particular lift

You can find lifts that fit curved areas, too, so don’t assume that you can’t get a lift because of a strange staircase. In fact, stairlifts are available now that are suitable for circular stairwells, zigzag stairwells, and more.

To see the models offered by companies such as Acorn Stairlifts Queens New York residents can contact the company for a consultation. You’ll be able to see all the models and get suggestions from the representative about which style might work best in your home.