Video Mailer: The Perfect Way to Promote your Brand

What could be more innovative than putting pictures on brochures? Well, it is the video mailer which can easily attract the attention of your clients and make them interested in your product range. Yes, decked with LCD screens that play customized video, the video card is the next big thing in here for a great business promotional idea.

Whether it is the launch of your new product or any special occasion to thank your client, present them with a video card for a perfect explanation! 
The mini video LCD is perfectly suitable to be placed for any advertising form. With an exceptional video quality of 1200dpim it certainly exceeds the printing standards of North America.

You can include 4 hours of playback of any type of video. The best thing is that you can order it in any screen size. The video mailer comes fitted with built-in magnet and sensor knows when it is opened and video playback begins automatically.

It has facility of integrated push buttons which allows you to activate different playback videos for a better user experience. Use it with soft cover or hard cover, it works perfectly. It helps you seek attention for any event or tradeshow you want.

You can get them in as many numbers as you want. All you need to do is place your order along with the video content and the written matter you want it to be printed and published with and you shall get it as you desired. It will certainly enhance your clientele profile and advance your repute in the business.

It is one of the most innovative and recent ideas to hit the business promotional means in the present time. Just customize your video mailer and get it on your personalized LCD screen for your customers and clients for better business development.