Video Instagram Feature for Helping Small Businesses

Instagram was a social upstart, which has been purchased by Facebook during 2012 and now having a strong and increasing user base. Youngsters, adults and even celebrities spend a good amount of time on this domain. It seizes a significant demographic.

Since Facebook purchased Instagram, the platform has grown by around 30 million users to now have above 130 million! The concept of Instagram is very simple and easy to understand. 
It uploads, customizes and shares videos through the mobileapp with ease of sharing to other popular social networks, and has the ability to follow and comment on photos of other users.

Instagram is a natural and popular method of sharing and communicating in online through images and media. It is known as a ‘go-to’ app for mobile users who want to share and customize their photos.

Recently, Instagram brought out a fully new video feature for the mobile app. The new addition is combined with the ease of sharing Instagram photos to Facebook, Tumblr and Twitter that already existed. This makes Instagram an online tech tool that business people and SEO experts must explore.

Users are given with the ability to easily erase a segment within a video before making the final version. This great feature helps users to have a clear idea about if second take is necessary. Video feature allow users to place filters that is similar to their photo options for making a unique style for their video.

Video Instagram feature also plays in-line on Facebook similar to YouTube and local Facebook videos. This great feature provides a seamless experience on the most used and largest social networks in the world. When Instagram videos are shared on Facebook, the platform users can watch them right away on Facebook without logging out from the domain.

As the app is owned by Facebook this is not a surprising matter however, it is significant as it makes available the use of Instagram not only to Instagram users but also the massive audience on Facebook.

Small as well as large entrepreneurs are offered with the ability to enable their businesses the skill to create videos once and use in many places. This feature is worth to busy entrepreneurs who need to maximize the use of their marketing time. 

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