Video Instagram: A Way To Attract More Followers

The new video feature is an important Instagram advancement to provide short, valuable, custom and easy to develop rich media clips. It’s a great way to share something useful to your followers and also to boost up your Instagram followers in no time.

Video Instagram feature is a perfect tool for companies to make a quick walk-through of their latest products and services. 
Retailers are also allowed to display special offers and new products to draw more traffic to their store.

Hence, the new video feature provides a great chance in bite-size multimedia nuggets for a company to visual its culture, features and style. 

This helps a lot in distinguishing a company from its competitor.

Video Instagram comes with the following features:

Length: Video Instagram offers around 15 seconds of video recording, which is perfect for a quick promotion to display different business items including;

  • New product and special offers
  • Live video from a conference or tradeshow
  • Footage promoting a future event
  • Daily work life to display culture and reinforce branding

Hence, the 15 second video recording feature will capture interest, help users to take a quick overview and hold the attention of viewers. This is therefore one of the best tricks to get more followers on Instagram quickly.

Geo-location tags: Instagram images and videos are equipped with the geo-location tags feature. This is a great element as it informs us where we live and the area we visit. Hence, we are indicated about our income and buying habits! Video Instagram feature is expected to bring into a bunch of new data from geotags.

In addition to this, Facebook’s advertising tools allow businesses to directly target users on the basis on their offline spending history. When you place more suitable ads to the Facebook platform, you will able to help users to get less upset by the ads.

Cover image selection: Video Instagram offers an additional core feature that enables users to scroll through stills from the video and pick up the best cover image for the video in an easy manner. This great feature helps you tempt your audience to click through to watch the video and it lets customization of the first impression.

Instagram video feature is a recently launched option and has earned a vast amount of potential users. With already more than 130 million users and an active user base, video Instagram brings in certain rich possibilities for small and medium size businesses.