Vaginal Odor And Its Connection To What You Eat

Vagina is the most delicate and sacred part of a woman’s body. A slightest change in lifestyle affects the condition of your vagina. And if it is the most delicate part, it goes without saying that it must be suffering a lot under uncertain lifestyle. From the thing you eat to the place you use to urinate disturbs the balance of this part in your body.


Women suffer a lot of problems related to their vagina. This includes foul vaginal odor, itching, irritation, secretion of certain fluids, etc. And it is a known fact that women had always been secretive about any issues related to the ‘private part’, which is actually a very wrong notion.

The most common problem women face is the foul smell coming from their vagina. Bacterial Vaginosis, Over Douching, frequent change of sexual partners, wrong food habits etc. could be the possible reasons for that filthy smell. Yes, many times it is seen that a woman’s diet is a cause of many personal problems such as vaginal odor. This might sound a bit confusing or stupid but it’s a fact. So, one need to know what to eat or what to include in her diet so as to get rid of this problem.

Along with maintaining proper hygiene, a woman’s diet should also include certain food to get rid of vaginal odor.

  • Strong and heavily scented or spicy food should be avoided. Food items like coffee, garlic, excessive alcohol, meat have the potential to change your natural vaginal odor.
  • Yogurt & probiotic supplements help in preventing yeast infections.
  • Lots of sugar intake can make you vulnerable to a Bacterial Vaginosis.
  • Asparagus and curry should be avoided to a large extent if you do not want to smell bad.
  • It is not yet scientifically proven but pineapples makes the vaginal odor pleasant (go for it!).
  • Drinking water is the solution to everything! Drink lots of water as it will keep the inside of your vagina hydrated.
  • Applying apple cider vinegar is a great home-made remedy to tackle that foul odor along with the increased intake of citrus fruits.

Last but not the least never feel shy to see your doctor if you find something fishy with your insides.