Using Cowhides to Decorate Your Home

Cowhide rugs are a great, unique option for decorating any styled home, after all, they are practical, versatile and durable.

Cowskin rugs are a beautiful addition because they come in all different shapes, sizes and colors; typically cowhides range from strawberry and blue roan, black and gold, and even chestnut and black; the spotted varieties come in white, black, yellow, and red.

So, they’re sure to match whatever color scheme you add them to, and in any room you add them to.

Cowhide rugs are amazingly durable. For homes with a lot of traffic and lots of spills or other floor related accidents, a cowhide rug can be a marvelous solution to constantly cleaning and replacing rugs.

Although these rugs and carpets are awesome when you are planning to buy them for your home, makes sure that you use tools like square footage calculator to make sure that you buy the right size according to the area in your home.

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Cowhide offers longevity that is unmatched. So, thankfully these rugs don’t require much maintenance either. These hides are extremely durable because they are naturally liquid resistant. When something is spilled on them, it’s easy to take a rag and dry up the mess.

The cowhide rug only needs to be taken out every once in a while and shaken off, to make sure it’s cleaned of dirt and dust. Not only are these rugs long-lasting, but they are comfortable too because they’re always cool to the touch.

Unlike synthetic rugs, the cowhide rug is a hypo-allergenic natural hide. For those who have allergy problems caused by dust and dander becoming trapped in synthetic rugs, cowhides are a great solution; these hides are actually composed of short, fine hair, not fur, so most people report having no allergies around cowhides of any kind.

The natural assurance of cowhide also means that there are no nasty chemicals and no adverse fabrics or fibers to worry about.

Cowskin rugs are also quite versatile, but because they feel so great as rugs, it might be hard to pick them up off the floor. For those willing to try it, the hides also make great sofa covers.

They’re so soft and cool that the sofa will be the new hot spot of the house. Cowskin rugs can do more than just cover the floor and the sofa, with their unique design and natural beauty, they make great hangings for the walls or throws for just about anywhere in the house.

The naturally rough surface under the hide will allow it to stay where ever it’s placed, including linoleum and wood floors.

Thus, cowhide rugs make a great rug for any home. They last for many years, are easily maintained, hypo-allergenic, naturally beautiful and unique, and they are versatile in their use.