Using a Playsation 3 Emulator: 3 Facts to Keep in Mind

Even if one does not have a Sony Playstation 3 at their homes, they can improvise with the help of an emulator. The Playstation 3 Emulator for Windows 7 allows any high-end personal computer to boot up and play games found only on the Playstation 3 in stunning detail and an interface that accurately mimics the Dualshock Controller. Before installing one, however, there are a few facts you need to know.

PS3 Emulator

System Requirements

The first thing to remember is that the Playstation 3, as a console, stands in a very different league on its own. This is because its designers were using technology not yet used in existing hardware of the time in the console’s development.  Basically, the PS3 uses a microcell processor with 3.2 GHZ and a Ram of 256MB. This means that to get the same amount of visual detail and performance found in the console, a PC would have to have a performance similar or beyond that of a PS3.

The PC should contain an Intel Core i7 for a processor running in at least 2.67 GHZ and a memory of 4GB RAM. Graphics card-wise, the PC should have at least the latest graphics drivers like AMD Radeon 7970 or higher with Diretx 11 Installed. This will allow the PC to play the best PS3 games without suffering from performance problems.

Win Some, Lose Some

Another thing to remember with the PS3 Emulator is that it is not officially endorsed by any means by Sony or any official games publisher. The reason for this is simple: through the emulator, the best ps3 games are made playable on the pc and one needs not to pay for the console or buy the game.

This means that the emulator will not sport several online PS3 features like PS3 Trophies and access to the Playstation Network. This will also mean that one does not have direct access to DLC (Downloadable Content). For some, this might be a boon since you don’t have to be bothered with constant updates and micro-transactions during gameplay.

However, game completionists will find this bothersome if the game they are playing needs DLC to get the complete ending (Asura’s Wrath or Mass Effect 3, for example). To get around this, players would have to find a compiled copy of the game (complete with DLC) in the Internet for the Emulator to Boot up.

Far From Perfect

It is necessary to remember that Playstation 3 Emulator for Windows 7 is still in its infancy stage. With the first functional program released barely 3 years ago, there is still a lot of room for improvement. Also, this means that recent emulators being released today are still far from perfect.

Even with the latest drivers and hardware installed, the best emulators will still experience graphical glitches, bugs and crashes mid-play. Fortunately, these are not problems that not a little update can fix. With a few more tweaks in a few years, PS3 emulators can be as functional as they were originally intended.To learn more or download the latest PS3 emulator,go to