US Grand Prix High Decibels And Soaring Attractions Of Billions Remains Intact

About half a billion viewers tuning for the upcoming US Grand Prix race, it is perhaps world’s most watched sports across the globe. The prestige of its 67 years elegant history, the Formula F1 holds the top sport when it comes to the most watched sports in the world. Now that F1 is arriving in Austin, Texas it is also an open secret in the racing circuit that F1 powers in recruiting American drivers this time.

Michael Schumacher, United States Grand Prix, ...
Michael Schumacher, United States Grand Prix, Indianapolis, 2004 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

For some time there were hopes that the race will be returning to the Indianapolis, but somehow Texas managed to secure the deal for next ten years of time starting it with the year 2012.

The race spreading over to the eight hundred acres of the city, the promoters promised that this year it will be one of the challenging and spectacular sports across the world to watch.

US Grand Prix is the highest class of single seat auto racing competition that holds the attraction for the millions of viewers. The competition consists of series of car races which is called Grand Prix.

The cars part taking in this competition speeds up to 220 mph making it a billion dollar business. Drivers like Renault, Williams and McLaren have won several championships in this competition.

The professional drivers work hard all year round to kick start their careers in order to become competitive. The majority of the champions has started their career with go-karting and now has become the top champions in the world.

Regardless of one’s likes or dislikes, the US Grand Prix attraction remains intact. Those three days of jarring activities makes the entire event live and energetic. There is no denying the fact that it has a positive impact on the city as well as in the sports world. The glamour associated with the Formula F1 is worth every effort.