Ultrasonic Welding System Has Better Advantages Over Disadvantages

Most of the people must not be aware of how plastics are joined, so I’m here to brief you about the Ultrasonic welding machine.

Ultrasonic Welding is clean, smooth, fast method of joining plastics. The ultrasonic welding process is basically commonly used to join the thermoplastics. This system is used to join that material which is not actually similar and that too without bolts, nails, or soldering material.

An ultrasonic welding systems transforms electrical energy into heat energy in order to join two parts. a This is best for plastics and metals.

It has the capability to use high-frequency ultrasonic vibrations to materials that are placed together to create a solid-state weld.

Here are some advantages of Ultrasonic welding:

  • Ultrasonic Welding can be widely used for a combination of the material welding. It is best used to weld the high conductivity materials like gold, silver, copper, aluminum.
  • Consumption power of ultrasonic welding is small.
  • Ultrasonic welding systems are widely used in microelectronics devices and finishing technology such as electronic aerospace electrical packaging plastic industry.
  • Ultrasonic welding device welds think and thin materials both. It is also used while joining the wires and circuitry, so they are widely used in industries such as computer and electrical components.
  • They are even capable of joining and fixing dissimilar materials combination. It is actually fast and easily operated as it doesn’t require any bold of soldering material to stick two pieces together. It helps in saving manufacturing and production cost.
  • This works automatically which only needs a welder to pull the lever and pushing the button to produce the ultrasonic weld.
  • Ultrasonic Welding device creates the bond without any impurities or thermal distortion on the components. This even dries rapidly.
  • Vibrations coming from Ultrasonic Welding device helps in creating the weld. But it is completely different from vibration welding.
  • The process of ultrasonic welding offers the clean exteriors of welding parts.
  • It has much more controlled heating level than other metal welding process.

Here are some of its disadvantages:

  • Well, during metal ultrasonic welding requires power with thickness and hardness increases exponentially and it is just restricted to this piece of welding such as silk, tablets, foil, bars.
  • It is actually limited to lap joints, it is a bit challenging on high strength. It will create noise from past resonance and it is actually unfamiliar to several engineers.
  • The largest piece that can be weld is 250 mm because of limited power output capacity.
  • Ultrasonic welding machine needs less moisture content in the material in order to weld it. Material with higher moisture content is done with vibration welding if the material is not thought. Ultrasonic welding is not a proper way to join them.

Conclusion: So now if you are looking forward to getting an ultrasonic welding device for your metal and plastic business, then don’t stand behind and get it one. It has multiple advantages which easily overcomes its disadvantages.