5 Best Treatment Options for Feet and Ankle Pain

Foot or ankle pain treatment that needs to be given generally depends upon the cause of the pain. You should clearly evaluate the cause of your symptoms, to begin with, pain treatment.

Medially the ankle pain occurs when stress is put over tendons and nerves present in the ankle region. It makes it difficult for the sufferer to walk, run, and perform any sporting activity.

Feet and Ankle Pain

In certain cases of chronic ankle pain, pain radiates into the arch of the foot. Medial ankle pain results from an overuse injury or too much exercise.

Check out the 5 common treatments for feet and ankle pain listed below!

1- Rest: Give good rest to your legs for treating the pain associated with feet. Proper rest with enough sleep will help improve circulation and stressful conditions.

If possible, choose a good pillow for elevating your legs while sleeping that can help a lot when resting.

2- Stretching: Stretching ligaments, muscles, and tendons surrounding joint help wonderfully in curing ankle and foot pain to a certain extent.

You should learn about the best ankle & foot strengthening exercises which can help you in treating the pain and also in avoiding any future injuries.

3- Physical therapy: For curing all orthopedic conditions, physical therapy can be regarded as an important tool.

A physical therapist makes use of a different type of modalities for providing relief from pain, regaining mobility, and increasing strength. It magically helps patients to return to their pre-injury level of activity.

4- Foot brace and compression sleeves: Last but not least, the advanced lace-up ankle brace is the most effective method for relieving foot pain.

Whether you are going shopping or walking, you will not encounter any pain on the foot with the ankle support braces.

The braces like Muller support brace can be procured from the leading online stores offering attractive discounts.

5- Anti-inflammatory medications: NSAIDs also known as nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medications are the most commonly prescribed medications for treating ankle pain caused due to arthritis and tendinitis.

However, if the pain is due to arthritis in seniors it is recommended to diagnose the root cause.

Based on the symptoms and kind of problem you have your doctor may recommend using some mobility aid like folding walking stick to get the support and balance while walking, in addition to the medications.

As a last resort, surgery is often advised for getting the treatment of chronic ankle and foot pain.

Before deciding to conduct an ankle surgery, the doctors will carefully go through your medical history, analyze the existing symptoms and the method of injury has occurred and also thoroughly examine your foot, lower leg, and ankle. In some cases, he will call for one or more or all of the imaging tests.