Tips For Getting Trade Financing for Commodity

People indulged in imports and exports of commodities often need to get financing for their business to boost their finances and acquire funding for their operations.

When you want to apply for a trade financing for a commodity, you need to be willing to spare some time for research that will enable you to get the most suitable deal for your situation.

You can begin searching online and carrying out research while comparing the trade financing for commodity that are offered by various lenders.

Find out as much information as you can before you make your final decision regarding the loan.

You will have to be able to pay off over a period of time and this is why it is important to identify an affordable loan.


One of the steps to getting the right trade financing for your needs is to understand what the loan agreement entails.

The principal amount refers to what you borrow and it gradually reduces as you make your payments.

It is essential for borrowers to be aware of the interest rates involved. Before you select a lender, take a moment to get familiar with different loan terms.

Interest Rates

The interest rate refers to how much a loan will cost the borrower annually and is commonly indicated in the form of a percentage.

Fixed interest rates remain constant for the duration of the loan. Floating rates are dynamic and changes are based on calculations according to stipulated interest rates.

Compound interest accumulates on the principal and the interest amount that currently applies while simple interest-only deals with the principal.

A trade financing for commodity Singapore is typically offered for fixed periods of time. Borrowers agree with lenders to pay them within a specified period of time.

Compare Various Terms

When you understand what you are expected to pay each month, compare it to how much time each loan will take.

Paying a larger amount each month means that you will be able to pay off your loan faster. Alternatively, you have the option of paying less and using a long time to pay off the loan.

Types of Loans

Trade financing for commodity that are secured with valuable assets or collateral are known as secured loans. Assets may be seized by lenders if a borrower defaults on payments.

Collateral serves as a type of insurance that gives the lender protection. Unsecured loans are loans that are provided without collateral. Interest rates vary and are typically based on the risk factors that are associated with secured and unsecured loans.

Loan agreements consist of conditions that cover that the borrower needs to fulfill to secure a loan.  If any conditions pertaining to the loan are compromised, the borrower may be compelled to forego the balance of the loan.


It is important to identify credible lenders in the market. There are various kinds of lenders and you need to understand the different options you have regarding where you can get a suitable loan. Lenders range from banks to online lenders.

One of the benefits of online lenders is their low and affordable rates. Their approval processes are also typically faster. Ensure that the lender of your choice is reputable and legitimate.