Top 9 Different Christmas Presents

It’s that time of year once more. The weather is getting chilly, the skies are not quite so blue, and that darned annoying Christmas music is playing in every single shop up and down the high street.

So how about some early Christmas cheer, just to take our minds off it?


If you’re stuck for Christmas present ideas, we’re here to help you out. Once you check out this list, you’ll know exactly what to get for everyone who graces your Christmas list.

The Potty Putter

Sitting on the John can prove to be such a waste of precious time. Fortunately, these days, we have such a thing as a mobile phone to keep us entertained. Though some do have a preference for the crossword puzzle. Well, whatever tickles your fancy.

Nevertheless, if golf’s your game, why not use the downtime to polish up on your putting stroke? The Potty Putter is indeed par excellence and the ideal way to kill two birdies with one stone.

Face Butt Towel

Whoever came up with this idea must have an IQ in the realm of Albert Einstein. Think about it, if just for a moment.

You share your home with how many others? You share the bath towel with how many others? Get the point now?

If you are forced to share, make sure that everyone knows which end of the bath towel is for what purpose. And you can’t go wrong with the Face Butt Towel.

Lazy Mop Slippers

Clever thinking yet again! Save yourself time and effort by getting everyone who resides in your home a pair of Lazy Mop Slippers for Christmas. Whoever said that mopping the floor had to be hard work? The hard work ends now!

Bottle of Wine Glass

“They” always say that a glass of wine each and every day is good for you. So, why break the rule? The bottle of wine glass provides plenty enough room for an entire 750ml bottle. After all, a glass of wine each day is just what the doctor ordered, right?

Stuff White People Like Book

They think they’re entirely unique, yet, somehow, they’re not – they’re all exactly the same. Indie music, Apple products, vintage T-shirts, and food co-ops make them go weak at the knees.

They love foreign cinema and authentic sushi. They’re 100 percent pro-organic, and they don’t have a single TV in the entire household.

You know precisely who they are: They’re white people.

The good news is that the Stuff White People Like Book investigates, explains, and even offers advice as to how to achieve social success with Caucasians. All you need to do is kick back on your IKEA couch, sip that Earl Grey brew, and lose yourself in the greatest guide there is on the book shelves to white people.

The Christmas Ugly Sweater

The Christmas Ugly Sweaters range was all the rage back in the ‘80s. Then, for a bit, the pace of popularity slowed down. Who knows exactly why? Your guess is as good as ours.

Now, however, they’re back! And they’re better than ever before.

Select from a copious range of stunningly gorgeous Christmas wear. Once you don your Ugly Christmas Sweater, as the disgustingly clichéd saying goes, you’ll be the belle of the ball. But it’s no lie!

And for the lady, be sure to check out the equally ravishing Christmas Leggings selection.

Slam Dunk Toilet Basketball Set

The perfect combination – dunk while you dump!

The Slam Dunk Toilet Basketball Set arrives with a basketball net, a Slam Dunk mat, a ball dispenser, in addition to three mini basketballs.

Merely takes minutes to set up and you’re good to go!

Jesus and Santa Selfie Shirt

Jesus was a really cool dude, and there’s no doubting that Santa is, too. So why not make the best of both worlds and have them posing together in true selfie mode while gracing the front of your T-shirt?

Star Wars USB Flash Drives

These really are ultra-cool! You’ll get 8GB of storage, plus some preloaded goodies with each Star Wars hard drive you purchase.

The characters available include: Darth Vader, C-3PO, R2-D2, Han Solo, Wicket Wystri (the Ewok scout), Stormtrooper.

As an added bonus, each flash drive arrives with a carbonite carrying case.