Top 5 iPhone Fitness and Wellbeing Apps

There are different reasons why you would like to gain fitness and it can be anything from gaining of weight or to deal with some diseases that creeps up due to the lifestyle problems. You would like to remain fit and enjoy life and would not prefer to lay back with lots of medications and physicians surrounding you. 
That is possible in many ways but since it is the technology that is doing everything for you, you can download the apps for keeping fit and then start to gain fitness in a slow and sure way.
There are a few applications that you can download in your iPhone and then start to get fit in the best possible way. These apps are: 
Lose it – It is a journal that has got a food diary in it and this is a tracker that is used to input the data. There is a food library that shows the generic categories like chicken, fruit or coffee etc. There is the mention of the calories each of these foods contain and the type of food values. It will also show you the intensity and hours spent in exercise and so you can calculate how much calories you have taken and how much you have burned. You get a graph that shows the calories you ate and burned. 
RunkeeperPro – This is found in 3G phones and is a tracking system that helps the runners, hikers, cyclists and skiers. The GPS technology is used to find the speed at which you are going and the route is also chalked and the data is uploaded automatically in the runkeeper site. You can go to the view history option and see the details and then share it in any social networking sites too. You can download the free version or the pro version in your iPhone for better utilization. 
iTreadmill – It is an app that can track your steps and the average speed of the walk or the run. You can turn the app on in your iPhone and keep it in your pocket and it will do its tracking work. There is a Pacer Dial that ticks to keep your pace in track. It stops when you stop and then starts when you do so. 
Fitness Builder – This has got more than 200 modes of workouts and it can create the best and effective session for your day. This has got over 20000 videos and images too, timer for fitness, total tracking capacity of the workouts and a lot of calculators. You will have the ability to talk to the physiologist if you want and ask personal questions. 
Pocket Yoga – You can practice yoga when you want to with this app. There is the Gaia Flow Yoga which can be used for creating flows that are a part of the yoga and is unique and helps in practicing. This app is good for all ages and skill levels and for any gender. 
These are the few apps that can help you to stay fit and keep a track of your fitness too. You can now know with proper proof how much you have been active and how much more you need to increase your speed or what are the new workouts that you can pick up. If you are still not using your iPhone for taking good care of yourself then go for it today and keep yourself fit and healthy.