Tone and Reduce Belly Fat Fast with Effective Yoga Poses

There are today many ways for toning belly fat and to tone up belly fat. It totally depends on the dedication and hard work we put towards it.

And as you know, without the hard work and dedication nothing can be achieved, it is very hard to shed up extra belly fat and get the physique you dream about.

If you are fed up with seeing your bulgy figure in a mirror, then yoga is the best choice to tone up your belly fat very effectively.

It not only facilitates weight loss but also helps to reduce your stress to get a peaceful mind and body. Here are some effective yoga asanas and yoga for beginners for toning belly fat.


Bhujangasana is the basic stomach yoga exercise which is very much helpful in reducing belly fat. This is a pose that anyone can do it to reduce abdominal fat.

Steps involved to do this pose are as follows:

  • Lie down on the floor by your stomach and place your hands beside your chest muscle.
  • Place our palm down the shoulder and inhale, keep your navel to the floor.
  • Raise your head and chest upwards and stretch your body as much you feel comfortable.
  • Now breathe out and slowly come back to the original position.
  • Lie down for few seconds and continue the same for 2 to 3 times.

This pose should be done when your body is normal.  You should avoid this pose if you are pregnant or suffering from an ulcer and hyperthyroid diseases.

Other exercises to reduce belly fat fast include Kumbhakasana or the plank pose and Urdhva prasarita padasana or the leg raise pose.

Steps involved to perform leg raise pose are:

  • Lie down the floor and keep your legs straight.
  • Move the arms above the head and press the palms back to the floor.
  • Slowly raise the leg without knees bend.
  • Hold in this position for a few seconds.
  • Then come back to the original position.

This yoga pose has a powerful effect to reduce your belly muscles fast.

Surya Namaskar yoga is also a very important.

In fact Health Benefits of Surya Namaskar are many for people in this busy world of today.

And the good thing is you can learn this pose easily by following the Surya Namaskar 12 Steps here.

In case you are sitting ideal and are doing nothing then it basically means that you are destroying your health.

So why not get up and motivate yourself to start performing yoga so that you can get the benefits fast.