Tips to Reduce Business Expenses and Increase Profit

Increasing profit is the ultimate goal for all business owners and managers. Big or small, all courses of actions aim towards boosting revenues. But in order to achieve this objective, it is important to spend money on various sorts that will help accomplish it. In the early stages of the business, expect expenses to go over and beyond. Once the business is established though, it is all right to assess overall spending and cut needless and excessive costs to increase profit.


Where to cut costs? Expenses vary from one business to another but marketing costs, utilities, and office supplies are basic. While it is tricky to cut costs on more specific business expenses, it is safe to reduce spending on the aforementioned.

Tips to Reduce Business Expenses and Increase Profit

Marketing Cost

Remove unnecessary and costly marketing expenses. Early stage marketing strategies are aggressive and too costly. It is for this reason that owners and managers need to evaluate all these strategies once the business is established. Few initial approaches are no longer necessary and must be removed. And new ones must be implemented to keep the business from thriving.


Moderate energy consumption to lower the monthly bill. The use of energy is unavoidable but consumption can be reduced by doing simple changes.

  • Open windows during the day and let the natural sunlight illuminate the office.
  • Adjust the settings of the air conditioner and heater depending on the need. Or better yet install a thermostat to regulate the office space temperature.
  • Remind all employees to turn off devices after the day’s end and during long breaks. And assign personnel to check that all devices are turned off or unplugged at the end of the day.
  • Change old models of equipment with energy-efficient ones and do regular maintenance.

Terminate or modify unwanted monthly and yearly service contracts to cut on subscription expenses. This covers various services including Broadband, VoIP, landline, and software. Review all contracts and check for overlap services. At times, a particular service provider offers a bundle at a much lesser cost. Weigh the pros and cons for the offer. Choose whether it is better to go for it and terminate the other service provider; or stick with your current setup – whichever is beneficial to the business.

Office Supplies

Buy in bulk and save on shipping. Estimate the volume of office supplies consumed on a monthly (or quarterly) basis and make a one-time purchase at a given time. Store the supplies once available and dispense only at a specific time or when needed. Doing so will ensure that the supplies will last up until the next order and delivery.

Use cheaper laser printer cartridge consumables and save at least 40%. There are many available OEM cartridge alternatives that are more affordable and reliable – compatible cartridge, remanufactured cartridge, and refill kit. A compatible cartridge is an all-new piece. Remanufactured cartridge is a reused, repaired, and refilled product. And a do-it-yourself toner refill kit is a set of tools to replenish empty cartridges. To be certain about the alternative printer cartridge to use, find a reliable seller.

There are still many areas to cut costs. It is up to the business owners and managers to identify the extent that will not pose a problem to the operations.