Tips for Successful Hotel Management

Dubai is a place of luxury, so it is no wonder that one of the most unique and interesting hotels is there. More precisely, the Atlantis Hotel is underwater, near the Palm Islands. The while world knows about this hotel and the rates and the revenue are astronomical.

However, in order to run a good hotel that works well, you do not have to go so much over the top. It takes some good management and planning, but it pays off. Here are some of the useful tips for successful hotel management.


Having a Good Team

In order for a hotel to run smoothly, it has to have a good team running. It is more than just being a good manager, it is also about having motivated and good workers. Hiring good candidates is just a first step.

Provide some training for each and every candidate and thoroughly explain the rules of conduct with the guests and the hotel policies.

Your team reflects your hotel more than anything else there. Your staff can help with the good reviews. From time to time, offer promotions and training opportunities that lead to better job positions.

Reception Desk as the Focal Point

The reception desk is the place where people have the first face-to-face contact with your staff. In the old days, it was the place of the check in and the check out. Today, in the modern hotel management, it is more than that. It is the place where people get recommendations and ideas about their stay. Make sure that your hotel sponsors some local food tastings, wine sampling and other interesting tours of the local area.

However, make sure that you are innovative at the same time. Do not just offer the same things that people already know about. Make the check in easy and hustle free. Offer customised lollies to the kids while the parents fill out the necessary paperwork. Have somebody take their bags into their room while they do it and make them feel welcome.

The Power of Marketing

The simple promotion and pricing do not cut it anymore. You need to boost your marketing skills and you need to go online. A big number of people today book their hotel based on the hotel’s presence on the social media, their responsiveness and their reviews and rates from the other customers.

You should stay away from the social media, if you do not plan on being there at all times. It is worth hiring a person to manage those accounts and deal with bad and good reviews on all the booking websites.

Precious Feedback

First of all, asking for a feedback once your guest is leaving out of the door is a thing of past. You need to be present at the hotel at all times, talking to the guests and gathering precious info. Make sure that you conduct your survey before your guests leave and before the end of their stay.

In this way, you will be able to respond to the info they give you and improve their stay. Always include “Would you recommend us to your friends?’ in your survey. This is a very important indicator of whether you are doing a good job building customer loyalty.

It seems that the hotel manager needs to be the Jack of All Trades. It is definitely dynamic and, at times, exhausting. However, it is very rewarding once you sit down to read those great reviews and see the satisfied quests and the staff. Make your hotel the unique hotel where people love to come back and where they would love to send their friends and family. That is the best kind.