Tips For Saving Money While Buying Custom Tshirts

Increasing rates of clothes bring tears. This happens with most of you when you are in the store to shop the most loved designer clothes.

You have to walk back from the store blaming your purse, pocket, fate or whatever it is. But at present you can turn your tears to smile within few minutes.

Just walk back from the stores and visit online to find a place where you can design your own customized dresses that not only looks stunning but also are much affordable. 

This way you can actually shop for beautiful designer outfit at a very low cost without compromising on the style and latest fashion.

If you really want to design your own custom shirt or t-shirt, without paying too much for your order, then do not worry further.

Here in this article we will help you find the best information you need to design a custom shirt that won’t cost you much.

Consider Your Order Size

First of all if you are planning to order in bulk (may be more than 12), then design that have less colors can help make your order get cheaper. 

The overall cost per shirt can be less when orders are big, due to the fact that it allows you to print your shirt through screen printing option.

Screen printing basically comes with cheap printing costs as compared to digital printing, especially when the order size is larger. 

However as it has a large setup cost (which depends on how many colors you have in your design), you need to set up your design with as less colors as possible.

For instance if you choose to have only 1 color in your design, the setup cost will be way too small and your printed shirts will cost you very less. 

On other hand if you have too many colors, the setup cost in screen printing will also be expensive. And this can end up hurting your wallet.

When you choose to have more than 3-5 colors in your design, then most of the printers will choose to digitally print your design by default. 

Although a digital print has no setup cost and it allows you to add unlimited colors in your design, the cost per print will be considerably much higher than the cost of a screen printing.

Overall, if you plan to order about 12 or more custom tshirts, you should make sure that your design uses just 1 or 2 solid colors.

This will help to save good amount of money on the screen printing cost. However if you want to order less than 12 you can go for digital print and can opt for as many colors as you want.

Check The Basic T-shirt Color

The base color of your tshirt also matters much when you want to save on custom tshirts. 

While you plan to make your own tshirt it is good to go for a light colored tshirts as the cost of screen printing on dark colored shirts is much more than light colored ones.

Additionally when you want to imprint the design on dark colored tshirts, digital printing is not possible for most of the times. 

This simply means that if you want to put up more than 1-2 colors in your design your cost will go much higher due to the huge setup fee which is involved in screen printing.

Overall, price of setting up a light colored custom tshirt is always less as compared to dark colored shirts so you should go for them if you want to save some money.

Reduce The Number of Prints 

Number of prints you will have on your tshirt also matters much when you want to save money on custom shirts.

Generally people who have less budget consider getting a single design on the front of the tshirt without getting the design printed on back and sleeves.

Limiting on how many places you want to print on, can considerably save good money as you need to have only one print in place of three prints.

If you have further questions or queries regarding your design, size and colors you can get in touch with a custom shirt company.

The staff they have can help you make your design as high quality as possible while keeping the price lower. 

They can also help you send the proof of your design, if required, so that you can finalize your design before actually printing it on the tshirt.