Tips for choosing the best baseball bats

While selecting the best baseball bat for your season, it is crucial to first take a look at the rule that your season may have setup for what baseballs bats can be included and which ones are prohibited. For instance, some leagues do not permit composite bats.

So, the first thing is to check out the rule book of your league season and then you can select a perfect bat to play with. The process of selecting a baseball bat also depends on your age. However, you do have other factors too. Take a look at some:


While choosing the bat, the proper bat length matters a lot. The thumb rule for any age range is to site the bat’s handle end in the center of the chest and expand it out to the index finger with arms expanding towards your side. If the fat goes beyond the index finger, it is too long. It is stays around wrist or palm, then it is too small.


According to experts in baseball bats such as the right weight is very important for a baseball batter. If you go for multiple swings and the bat begins to fall or feel heavy, then it is too weighty for you. Hold the handle of the bat and expand your arms towards your side.

If you cannot hold the bat for 40-45 seconds, then it is very heavy for you. Look out for the drop of the bat also. Drop stands for the length of the bat less its weight. The higher the drop, the light is the bat. Some leagues set up a limit on the drop figure too. So, keep a check on it.


Comfort is the most important factor in the selection of a baseball bat. How much comfort does the bat gives to the hitter? The comfier the hitter is, the better he will perform in the game. Thus, it is important for the batter to try a few swings with the new bat while figuring him in the game. He can even borrow it from the store and try some swings with the ball, if the store owner allows. Try to go for a similar bat on which you have been practicing before.

Wood bat material

Speaking about wood baseball bat material… maple bats are a little heavier in comparison to the ash bats of same length and model. While the birch bats are more like ash hybrid or maple. As maple is a denser wood, they enjoy higher pop swinging over ash. For those who are starting, they are comfier with ash, rather than birch and maple.

Handles and grips

Bats narrow by traveling from a broad barrel at the top to a sleek handle at the end. A broader handler renders higher stability to the batter and helps in the absorption of more shocks. A sleeker handle allows the players to move handle quickly. Some season require a knob stuck at the end to prohibit the bat from slipping out of the hand during tough swings. It is a security consideration to prevent kids, coaches and audiences from getting hurt.

Avoiding factors like length, weight, material, handle and grip of the baseball bat could prove disastrous for the batter. If the bat is very heavy or if the length is wrong, it could cause inefficiency and awkwardness to the batter. The wrong grip impacts the performance of the batter. So, if you really wish to be a power hitter, you really to pay attention all these factors. Durability, quality and style come along with it. So, you need to pay attention to every aspect before purchasing a baseball bat.