Three Mobile Tightens Embrace On Technology

Launched in 2003, Three Mobile seems to be one of the fastest growing telecom companies in the United Kingdom. Ideally, it was the first to provide fully accessible 3G services in the UK. The company boasts of a giant share of up to 45% of UK’s mobile data. Apparently, it is part of the
renowned Hutchison Whampoa Limited Group of companies with several mobile operations spread in 11 countries.


Innovative Culture

What could be the secret behind the success of UK’s fastest growing telecom company? There might be many answers to this question depending on individual takes. Given three slots to slip answers, I am sure that innovation and technology will be part of the answers for more than 90% of any random respondents. Their innovation culture has resulted in seamless online platforms that provide answers to most of the rising challenges of the company.

For a mobile company with hopes of enveloping the highly competitive telecom industry, nothing seems to have worked better than embracing advanced technology at a time it needed it most. The company released its mobile application In touch, which went ahead to revolutionise operations in the industry. Through this application, it became possible for any Three customer to reroute their incoming calls and even text messages over their local Wi-Fi connection in case there were no signals. What this meant to consumers is that they would always be reachable regardless of the prevailing conditions.

Going the Extra Mile

They went ahead to launch a platform known as Crowdicity where the company provided its innovative and ever-insightful staff an opportunity of unearthing game changing ideas needed to solve the company’s challenges. Even more, the launch of the first Crowdicity co-creation couldn’t have come at a better time than when they were running a multi-channel marketing campaign across the United Kingdom and India.

Through the internal crowdsourcing campaign, the employees were asked to highlight instances in which they had gone out of their daily responsibilities to achieve something for the company. In less than a week, more than 4000 staff members had interacted on the platform and given insights of their experiences. The fantastic engagement rates amongst the staff in a matter of weeks clearly depict the revolutionary undertakings this giant telecom company has taken to improve their customer experience.

On top of the game

Ever since its launch in 2003, Three UK has remained ahead of the game for most of its telecom rivals. For one, it was the first video mobile network in the UK. For what started as a network service, Three Mobile went ahead to introduce mobile devices, which were, sold in the London and Birmingham stores. Their rapid rise in success was further fuelled by acquisition of more than 95 shops from rival telecom company 02, one year later.

Over the years, it has emerged as one of the best telecom companies in the region, claiming the best mobile broadband award two times in a row. With a hand in technology and the other in innovation, Three Mobile seems to be unstoppable in its quest to dominate the competitive UK telecom industry.


Jammy Patrick is a UK based IT consultant with special interest in the telecom sphere. For any Three customer or any other person with inquiries, feel free to email him. You can also visit his website for more information.