Three Great Lengths People Have Gone to In Order to Avoid Something

Everyone has told a white lie or two to get out of doing something that they would prefer to avoid. Dogs have eaten homework, employees have contracted a 24-hour flu, and unavoidable freeway traffic has occasionally caused tardiness for almost everyone in America. While society may see these tall tales as harmless, some individuals take their lies to the extreme. These stories catalog a few of the greatest lengths that people have gone through in order to avoid something unpleasant.

Great Lengths People1. Pretending to Get Abducted in Order to Escape the Dentist

In May 2014, a French boy claimed to have fled his kidnapping after missing a dentist appointment. While on his way to see the dentist, the 12-year-old claimed that a kidnapper had forced him into a car after he had stopped to ask for route guidance. The boy went into a great amount of detail when describing his abductor and capture to the police. Law officials took his claim very seriously and began looking for a potential suspect. After the police had spent a full month trying to find the culprit, the boy confessed to fabricating the story in order to avoid going to see the dentist.

2. Faking Death to Avoid Paying a Cell Phone Bill

While many individuals may think that their telephone bill is unbelievably expensive, most people do not fake their own deaths in order to avoid paying it. When reading the fine print of his cell phone contract, Corey Taylor noticed that the only way to get out of his agreement and not pay a $175 fee is by dying.

In 2007, after years of dropped calls, the Chicago consultant produced his own death certificate and sent it to his cell phone company in order to cancel his service. The company quickly caught him in his forgery, and he was still forced to pay the termination fee in order to leave his contract.

3. Staging a Kidnapping Instead of Breaking Up

Breaking up is hard to do, and so is explaining a two-week absence to your suspicious girlfriend. In 2013, a 36-year-old Brooklyn resident was found bound by duct tape on the side of the road. The gentleman was discovered in between two cars on the side of the street complaining of rib pain.

Law enforcement officials were immediately suspicious of the man, as the roll of duct tape was found still hanging from his wrists. When questioned, he initially “could not remember” what had occurred. Later, he informed police that two men in a light-blue minivan had kidnapped him. As the lies began to unravel, the untruthful boyfriend finally confessed that the entire abduction had been a deception. The man had been missing from the home he shared with his girlfriend for the past two weeks, and he was afraid of facing her after his disappearance. It is still unclear as to what he was up to during the time he was away from his significant other.

While there are many occasions that people may not want to deal with in their daily lives, very few individuals go so far as faking their own deaths or kidnappings to get out of them. These crazy stories record some of the greatest lengths that people will go to in order to avoid an action or event.