Things you need to know about Chargebacks

Do you often face chargebacks in your work? Well, a chargeback is a money returned to a customer that has been forcibly commenced by the issuing bank of the client.


In simple words, it is the reversal of an outbound fund transfer from their bank account or credit card. Below here are a few things you should be aware of, take a look.

Credit reversals are of different types. It comprises ATM reversal, or when an ATM deposit is seen to have lower funds than presented.

You also have bank error correction and a direct deposit charge when a deposit has been done to the wrong account holder.

In returned check deposit, you return the check because of insufficient funds, a terminated account, or fraud acquiring.

There is a chargeback version of the distribution industry too. It occurs when the supplier gives more price for an item than what was marked by the distributor for the customer. So, the distributor can file a chargeback to gain what is lost.

The procedure is as follows: The end consumer contacts their issuing bank to file a complaint about one or more products mentioned in their credit card statement.

It basically happens when the consumer makes a transaction with a fraudulent sales agency.

Chargebacks can also take place because of identity theft. A reason code is a numeral series chosen and submitted by the issuer along with every chargeback.

The codes differ as per the bank network and come under four categories: poor quality goods or services received not stated at the time of purchase, insufficient funds or bank processing mistake, duplicate billing, the wrong amount charged, and identity theft.

However, as a merchant, you can still fight for a chargeback and the best chargeback sites can help you deal with situations very well. It is done when the customer has signed the invoice and the issuer and acquirer help you out in the procedure.

Sometimes payment service providers charge merchants for the chargeback received. But there are options to avoid chargeback or lower their occurrence in your business.

Choose phone verification services as it easily integrates into your online store. It helps you verify the details of your customer and get their contact details to maintain your consumer list. It helps you to ward off scam parties.