Things to Look For In a Good Moving Company

First you will need to find a moving company that will move your household items to any place in the United States. A really great company is one that can also ship your items to another country if needed.

Some companies often have a mileage limit such as they will only move items a limit of 500 miles. There are also some moving companies that have a set fee for moving you anywhere in the continental United States.


Broken items

Another thing that a really good moving company will do is replace any items that get broken in the move.

This will also cover packing and unpacking. If they cannot find the exact item, they will give you the replacement value if you have a receipt for the item that was damaged.


Any well- known moving company will also provide you an estimate of the price for moving that also lists the items to be moved.

If both parties agree on the estimate, your bill will not go over that estimate and if you can find one of these they are usually the firms that are cheapest to use.


Due diligence

There are some very well-known moving companies but remember this is not always the best company available. Get some references before you make a decision on a company.

Ask the reference if many or any items were broken, if the company’s quote was accurate and if they did everything they agreed to do.

And don’t forget the new companies that might have better deals in order to drive customers to their company.

Full loads

There is one other item you need to find out about. Some companies that only have large moving vans will not carry a load to another city unless the van it full.

If your household goods only fill up half the van, they will have to have another client’s items to fill the van before taking that van to where you are moving. Yes, this is true. But if you pay another fee – they will take your half load without the van being full.

Then you will need to decide whether to pay the fee or wait until they have a client going to the same town you are – or find another moving firm.

These are usually the best questions to get information on and the company that answers all the questions to your satisfaction is usually a loyal moving company that you will use often.