The Superfast Format Changer Movavi Video Converter

The function of this media conversion program is to channel the videos and the audios in order to change their formats and make it compatible with any type of device.

Movavi Video ConverterWhat is the Utility of this programme?

  • This programme changes the format swiftly. The videos and audios are editedrapidly; the scenes can be edited, cut, extracted and even modified with this programme.
  • It preserves the actual original quality, quantity or size, bitrate and resolution.
  • The videos will be compatible with most types of formats and devices after it is ran through this programme. Some of the available formats are: AVI, MOV, MP4, MPEG, etc.

What are the various Features of this Programme?

Readjust the sound: –This program enable to modification in the sound track, without having to re-encode the track. The volume can be adjusted, increased or decreased. Around 16 such tracks can be transferred to the converted file from the original one.

Image Format: –The format of the images can be changed from JPEG to PNG, and to other formats like TIFF, GIF and BMP with the aid of this programme. It also enables the creation GIF animations and videos from images.

Extraction of Audio: -There is a built in audio format converter in this programme, which can extract and convert the music format to WMA, MP3, WAV, AAC and others.

Changes to Resolution: -This program has a Smart fit option which retains the true form of the video even if the resolution and aspect ratio gets changed.

User friendly: –This program can be handled by novices, as it is very easy to use. One will just have to add the files, select the format and start the conversion, all the icons are present on the screen itself.

Above all, it is a fast way of converting the format of the videos. Compared to some of the other programmes this is eight times faster.Most of the formats can be converted to the one, which is compatible with your device.The videos can be edited before the format is changed. You can have a look at to know more of its stunning features and benefits.