The Nuwave PIC 2 Serves a Great Deal as an Induction Cooktop

It is hard to give up the habit of using conventional cooking mediums like gas/electric but and the Nuwave PIC 2 Induction Cooktop is an attempt at this. This model is a great for those using induction cooking for the first time since every one of the indispensable cookware is included in the pack. Yet, just as all appliances have this too has its advantaged and disadvantages.

Induction Cooktop


An aspect of cooking that a cook gives much importance to is temperature control and this is an area where NuWave PIC has come out with flying colors. You have the option of choosing any temperature between 100 and 575 Fahrenheit and can increase it by 10 degrees.

So, overall you have 52 settings at your disposal! But wait there is more! You have the facility of pre-programming as many as 6 diverse settings with which you can cook your favorite dishes easily.

The controls in this induction cooktop are push button having LED displays and placed at the front so that you do not have to make an effort to reach it.

This has a spherical design and so is a space saver and does not occupy any surplus place and that it can be used use at the dinner table easily.  You can use this as a substitute for any warming plate.

This is a cooktop that is really safe to use! And this is a great advantage as you do not have to be concerned about using it when people are close by. Once the pan is removed from the burner, this induction cooker shuts off by itself. Another great facility that this cooker provides you with is a delay function that lets you set your own cooking schedule and once on the completion of a program this unit shuts off by itself.

Another feature of Nuwave PIC that is worth mentioning though this is not something that only this induction cooker has is that the efficiency of Induction cooking is as much as 70% more than that of gas /conventional electric coking mediums. The reason for this is that the induction heating method does not emit heat into the atmosphere or into any different part of the unit. All it does is heat the cookware that is being used.

What You Need to be Aware of while Cooking

Although the automatic shutting off feature of this unit once the pan has been removed from it is a good thing it might get in the way of a cook who loves flaunting his flipping expertise to those who are seated at the breakfast table. This is as the cook must manually turn the unit on very time he removes the pan.

Even though the spherical design of this unit offers the advantage of saving space its downside is that it is not likely to fit each and every cookware that you have, such as the square steak pan.

This unit is great for experimenting with the various methods of induction cooking as it is stove top of respectable quality having ample settings and safety aspects that relatively economical.