The New English Class

The new English Class was created by a man with a passion for kids in need of a bit more attention and time when learning. He was a teacher for five years, three of those spend in the inner city, and he knows teenagers well. He knows that there is a need for the program that he has created, and he is looking for help in funding scholarships for those students that he has a passion for. He wants them to be able to try out his new program, and he wants adults to try it out on the other end of it, as well.

This man has devoted four years to making this new program a reality. He has put his own time and effort and money into this project because he believes in it and all of the good things that it will do for the teens who use it. He has not only worked with inner city kids, but he has also worked with teens who were fresh out of juvenile detention. He realizes that some kids need the special time and attention that can be devoted to them through this program.
He has high hopes for it, and he just needs some people to get behind him and back it with their financial support.
There are few people out there who are as dedicated to helping teens in school as this man is, and that is part of what makes him so great. He has created this new English class for all of the teens out there who could use a bit more help than the average kid, and he hopes that he really will be able to make a difference with it. This program could be a good thing if it gets the support that it needs to move forward.