The Need For An Asset Management Strategy For Commercial Properties

In the real estate market, property managers focus their attention on administering and supervising the daily activities of the property’s operation. On the other hand, the function of real estate asset managers is to maximize the value of a property in order to make it a realistic investment option.

The principle ideal behind asset management, whether it relates to a real estate property or any other investment, is to increase its market value. This justifies the possession of the asset by the owner, as it will yield profitable returns.

The Welfont Group is a prominent boutique brokerage corporate enterprise that concentrates on assisting its clients in managing their commercial real estate assets. This involves searching for, scrutinizing, buying, supervising, financing and selling such properties in the market. The professionals of this company specialize in representing the interests of tax-exempt institutions and their clients owning real estate properties.

In order to maximize the market value of their clients’ commercial real estate assets, these experts use various tax strategies that the IRS approves. These include 1031 exchange and 170 bargain sale. In the last decade, they have been a catalyst in assisting their clients finalize property transactions worth $200 million. These commercial properties occupy roughly 1000 acres throughout America.

Objectives of Asset Management

The specialists of this commercial brokerage company explain that the acquisition service they provide their clients is only the initial step in their asset management program for commercial assets. With the approval of their customers, they administer and supervise such properties to assist in increasing their market value.

This corporate enterprise’s distinctive proprietary system handles and controls distressed properties along with vacant and under-utilized real estate assets throughout America. The goal of the asset management group of this company is to –

  • Reduce costs relating to the property;
  • Maintain attractive property conditions; and
  • Increase its market value.


These specialists further clarify that an effective asset management property can help their clients or an organization in the following ways:

  1. Fulfills the demands and aspirations of various stakeholders;
  2. Improves the financial results of the organization because of a better ROI;
  3. Increases the attractiveness of the property to potential sellers as a profitable investment option;
  4. It helps to manage probable inherent risks relating to the real estate asset;
  5. Assists the stakeholders to the property make informed decisions relating to its performance, risks, costs and profit.

The Welfont Group experts say it is important for every commercial real estate property to have a distinctive disposition strategy depending upon its local market and knowledge of its asset type. Unlike their competitors in the market, these professionals do not market their clients’ assets for collecting commissions.

Instead, they work with the best experts in the real estate market to create, develop and supervise the best possible deposition plans for their clients’ properties. This goes a long way in ensuring the best possible results for their customers when it comes to selling their commercial real assets in the market. This is the reason why they are the first choice among their clients.