The Interesting Materials and Design of Heyco Cable Clamps    

Heyco cable clamps are made of nylon 6/6 material. They are designed for the purpose of clamping tubes or other cables securely. They are durable. As such, they can hold fast for decades.

As a result of the nylon material that they are made of, Heyco cable clamps are capable of resisting the elements and also chemicals. They can resist elements, processes, and materials such as;

Heyco Cable Clamps    

  1. Salt water
  2. Gasoline
  3. Oil
  4. Alcohol
  5. Acids that are not concentrated
  6. Regular solvents
  7. Water corrosion

These clamps are available in many sizes. They are measured and marked in millimeters or inches. The clamps require to be fastened to the substrate using other specially made units. These include fasteners that only require to be pushed in or arrow clips.

These clamps can also be fastened using rivets. There are many types of rivets that can perform this job. Examples of some that are ideal for fastening the clamps include;

  1. Countersunk rivets of type H
  2. Drive or push rivets
  3. Snap rivets made of nylon
  4. Type T releasable rivets

The nylon clamps from Heyco are designed such that they can easily survive a range of temperatures. They can survive temperatures ranging from 32°F (0°C) to 221°F (105°C). This range is for the black cable clamps.

Natural colored clamps can remain sturdy and operational in a temperature range of 32°F (0°C) to 185°F (85°C). Heyco has many years of experience in manufacturing clamps of this type.

Years and expertise used in making the clamps

The company has produced clamps ever since it was founded in 1926. It is officially known as Heyco Products Inc. This company has many years of experience in designing and constructing produces that are used to protect wires.

Some of the items that are manufactured by Heyco are made using stamp molds. This is done to meet the demands of customers and provide them with high quality materials. The company is able to produce items that are used for fastening wires all in-house.

The company has chosen the mass production form of manufacturing. They use the just in time forms of product release. This method of production is able to ensure that they maintain a market and satisfy it.

In terms of building construction projects, Heyco prefers to be involved since the ground floor. By doing so, they are able to stay involved in the entire period of the project. This enables the company to satisfy the needs of its customers and help them save time and money.

Also, by committing to the project from the beginning, Heyco provides items such as nylon clamps as and when needed. As a result, the project emerges as expected by the customer.


In addition to nylon clamps, the company also produces other items. Examples of these are;

  1. Solar power components
  2. Conduit tubing and fitting
  3. Cord grips
  4. Bushings for strain relief
  5. Solutions for venting

These items are often required alongside nylon clamps for securing wiring in a house or any other project.


Kevin McMark is an engineer. He is skilled in the design and manufacture of wiring fixtures. He was instrumental in the development of cable clamps.