The Excitement Begins For NFL Draft 2014

The one thing is for sure that when NFL evaluators begins ranking their players, understand that no two boards are same. The selection thought process is different involving individual evaluators of the NFL clubs. It is a guaranteed statement that no matter how many matches you have come across watching you will see that no 32 players of the ten NFL clubs are same.

2014_NFL_DraftThe reason to evaluate and mix the players always in the different team is the reason behind their profile, medical history, and fitness that plays equal part in the game play. So no team is right and no team is wrong – it is a fair play. This year 2014 the collection of the prospects is widely considered.

However the 2014 is unlikely to surpass the aforementioned. NFL draft 2014 definitely includes the several impactful players. The teams also feature with the number of offensive tackles that are capable of competing the game in the respective manner. From the quarter back stand point, Teddy Bridgewater and Johnny Manziel and Blake are headliners and divided into different teams. Therefore the selection makers have weighed the pros and cons of by passing the players to another position to just juggle the game for the betterment.

To get into the elite group of teams, the players had to have earned the Pro Bowl recognition along with ranking amongst the top 5 in their respective positions within 3 years of their career. Some of the well-known names were Eric Ebron from TE North Carolina, Mike Evans from WR, Texas, Jake Mathews from OT Texas, Greg Robinson from OT Auburn, Jadeveon Clowney from DE South Carloina, Sammy Watkins from WR, Clemson.

So when you look at the selection, the above mentioned are the best for the team they are representing. The evaluators are sure that they will become one of the greatest players this season