The effectiveness of Vincent and His team as surveyors of the Mid Atlantic area of USA

Dawood Engineering, Inc. is a key engineering corporate that’s based in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania and Its VP is Vincent Paparella. 17 years have passed since Vincent started working for Dawood in this post. It was in 1998 that he became a part of this professional Civil Engineering firm and from the first day has contributed much in the all-embracing activities & projects for the development of this organization. Following having got an Associate Degree in Science with his field of specialty being engineering from the Hagerstown Junior academy. Vincent commenced his specialized life and stated working as the Survey technician of Byers & Runyon Surveying in 1993. His stint at Byers lasted for 4 years & 5 months and it was after this that he joined Dawood.


Dawood is a consulting group that has multiple disciplines and is a resourcefully managed firm that focuses on key civil engineering ventures, land development, geotechnical engineering, and ecological services and is very much in demand in industrial sectors for its elite surveying services. Having built up a reputation of among the most victorious, resourceful and foremost civil engineering undertakings it’s characterized by much access public & private jobs and works throughout Pennsylvania, Pittsburgh, Massachusetts,  Philadelphia, Maryland, Ohio,  and Virginia. Being headquartered in Harrisburg this enterprise that is famed all over the country also presents top-notch services in sectors like Survey, Energy,  & Mapping, Traffic assessment & Design, Geophysical & Geotechnical issues among others.

Of late, among the key major projects that Dawood has dealt with, a major one is the collaboration of Dawood Engineering, Inc. with Pennsylvania group of Land assessors with the aim of meeting the purpose of the hottest community project named ‘Reaching New Heights’. This is a federally managed assignment with the key purpose of reducing & eliminating the Pennsylvania regions that produce poor geodetic data.  Dawood had been sanctioned to assume this project following assessment of his capability of handling the plan. Vincent Paparella had been a key manager & surveyor in this project and at a press meeting he stated that Dawood Engineering features among the greatest and most competent panel of surveyors of the Mid-Atlantic part.

This company appoints the premium talents of the industry for working as its surveyors. Once they’ve been employed they are provided with sophisticated training so that they can play an effective role in the activities towards the development of cities, townships and the country generally. On the basis of the information got from clients, additional study is done for understanding the comprehensive situation, particulars and data before taking on any job. The surveyors of this company are greatly efficient in working on concerns related to the environment, topographical attributes and other associated factors. Besides extensive business constructional jobs this company offers expert services in various areas.

Civil Engineering isn’t the sole specialization of Vincent Paparella. He has a great deal of expertise in wide-ranging sectors, namely, land development, topographic surveys, storm-water management, erosion control, highway plans, grading, ALTA surveys & site plans. The responsibilities of Vincent also include Water resources, Drainage, Hydrology and Geotechnical engineering, among others.