The Distinction between White and Red Wine

Wines form a special part of most auspicious ceremonies and that is the reason a lot of care and effort goes into its making. Any good bottle of wine cannot be produced within the wink of an eye, there are a whole lot of processes and there is whole lot of patience that accompanies it. The most important thing that lends any wine its particular refined taste is its aging process. This is the reason it is said, the older the wine the better is its taste.


The two most commonly consumed and liked wines are the red wine and the white wine. Both are made differently and hence the preference of people with regard to liking them also varies. But whatever be the colour of the wine, the tasting experts of wine will be able to say which exactly is a good quality one and which is not up to the mark.

In order to ascertain the quality, therefore, every wine maker has some one or a team specially assigned with this task. Their job is to taste and approve whether a particular wine type has reached its typical taste or not. Bennett Kireker a resident of Pismo Beach California runs a tasting club of around 50 members in New York. His other interests are playing basketball, golf and even at times skiing in Vermont, however, wines are a thing of his passion.

The basic difference between a red and white wine is its ingredients, or rather its main ingredient – grapes. The kind of grapes used in white is predominantly white, however, if black grapes do need to be used, they are used without the skin, because that is what gives colour to the grape juice which is otherwise has a neutral colour.

The production of white wine is done by first crushing the grapes, extracting their juice and then adding yeast to it. When the juice finally ferments and can be categorised as wine, it is then filtered and following this it is stored in oak or stainless steel containers and allowed to age. The light and fruity flavoured and aromatic wine is bottled after a few months of aging.

The red wine on the other hand, is made from red or black grapes with their skin on. The process of producing the red wine is even more elaborate than the white one. After the juice is extracted by crushing the grapes, it is kept in huge fermenting vats for a few days. This leads to a kind of layer of the skins being formed that floats on the top, which the wine maker needs to mix time and again with the liquid portion, now called the ‘must’.

This ‘must’ is then poured into the “press wine” which clarifies the wine and then it is stored in oak containers for aging. Those who are hard core enthusiasts of wine like Bennett Kireker will be able to differentiate among the various rich tastes of red wine that are added by the wood tannins of the containers. This is the reason the red wine tastes vary from being spicy, herby and even meaty at times!