THE COCOON EFFCT: Being sanguine

A woman might face uncountable challenges and adversities in her life. She has to play multiple roles of being a daughter, mother and a wife. Any relation that is not running smoothly in a women`s life can end up giving her loads of sadness and tension. Rejection from the beloved ones is the worst thing that a woman may face. Some women have a tendency to take it sportingly, while there are others may get completely shattered. Women who are weak from within may end up losing all happiness and charm to live.

COCOON EFFCTAlthough rejections from beloved are not that easy to bear, but they are certainly not the end. It is better to earn and live single rather than being hit every day by your husband and in-laws. A woman has her own dignity that should be maintained at any cost. One must never lose hope to live in life. Once you stand up for yourself, you are bound to get supporters for fulfilling your cause. Government and NGOs are there to assist women who suffer from intense pain and sorrows in life.

The Cocoon Effect is one such novel that can impart you with the real hope to live. The novel describes various reasons to carry on with life. It motivates you to be strong and firm in your decisions. It tells you to take advantage of the adversities that occur in life. Every problem that occurs in life must be taken as a challenge. God has given you life to live. It must not be wasted at any cost.  After reading this soulful novel, you are sure to feel a difference in yourself. You shall feel that life is not just about tolerating the wrong done to you. It is rather about overcoming everything that happened it for a better life.